Charlaine Harris Interviewed at Bouchercon

October 3, 2011 in Promo Events

New video has been doing the rounds in the last couple of days of Charlaine Harris’ interviewed at the recent Bouchercon Convention in St Louis.

A number of topics are covered over the course of the interview, which is well worth a watch.

Paquin Isn’t Sookie

Shock! Horror!

For some ridiculous reason this comment seems to be a huge revelation to Truebies, and a slight against the actress. Yet it’s not the first (or even the second or third time) Harris has expressed this view. Maybe they just weren’t listening.

I’m not sure why her comments should be surprising – Paquin is physically nothing like the description Harris gives of the blue eyed, big-boobed and naturally blond Book Sookie. This is hardly a matter of opinion, it is fact and should be evident to anyone with two functioning eyeballs. I’m sure it probably doesn’t help matters that True Blood Sookie is now almost as far removed personality-wise from her book counterpart as she could possibly get without a plane ticket.

Violence Against Women as a Recurring Theme

In the second video Charlaine speaks at length about how her own experience of sexual violence finds expression in her work. The importance of women being able to speak up about what has happened to them as part of the healing process has been a theme in many of her stories beginning with her first novel, A Secret Rage.

Given the truly bizarre handling of this subject in Season 4 of True Blood – from Sookie’s seriously misguided belief that she needed Bill’s forgiveness (battered wife syndrome, anyone?) to Jason’s consequence-free gang rape – Harris’ comment on the impact of these experiences on women and society seem especially timely.

Harris also discusses accusations that True Blood has influenced her writing, Skars’ crazy fans, and her plans for future novels after Sookie is completed.

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