Requiem For A Team

July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is it, you crazy bitches. The last post.

Something you might not know about me is that I have a tendency to fixate on things. For long periods, the object of my fixation – whatever it is – demands huge chunks of my energy. I tend to throw myself into these things, boots and all. I think my partner finds this trait to be my most endearing… and my most frustrating.

Way back in 2009, my new vampire obsession was most definitely what you might call a…”fixation”. Back then, I was reading the Tangler Sookie Stackhouse forum and posting regularly on HBO’s True Blood forum – the kind of long-winded, detailed posts that I still seem to write now. After all this time, you’d think I’d learn something about editing. Anyway, it dawned on me one day that I was putting an excessive amount of energy into these posts, only for them to be promptly buried in a forum that saw hundreds and hundreds of posts a day.

So I decided to start a little WordPress blog, just for me. A place to get all this stuff out of my head, and kick my ideas about True Blood and the Sookie novels around. Somewhere that I could keep my thoughts together so that when I wanted to post on a forum, I could just copy and paste that shit; maybe jig it around a little so it fit the purpose. Who cared if it got buried then? Genius, right?

You guys weren’t supposed to actually READ that stupid little blog, you know.

After a few weeks of posting, I woke up one morning to find my little blog had a comment. Within weeks, one comment had turned into a few people reading and commenting every day. Then I wrote a three part post called “Loved By A Vampire” – which was read by my kick-arse friend Leif, who made it her business to spread that shit all over Facebook. That post drew in many new readers and in just a few short months, we had to move away from free WordPress and self host the site.  And then…well, you know the rest.

Like so many of you I’ve invested blood, sweat and tears in these characters – in both their TV and book incarnations. Hours spent reading and watching them. Days spent researching and writing material for this site. Moderating it. Maintaining it. Loving it…and sometimes hating it. Like an extra child it was loved without limits most of the time –  interspersed with days I felt an overwhelming urge to kick it in the arse so hard, it couldn’t sit down for a week.


I’ve spent my hard earned on books, limited edition prints, and tickets to signings. I’ve sat up until the early hours, frosty beer in hand; writing and rewriting posts, picking fights on Facebook and pouring boiling oil on the trolls trying to scale our front gate. At times, it was a difficult and pretty thankless task. And yet, it’s also been the most fun we here could have online with our clothes on. From the weekly rapture that was Sunday Skars, to the unbridled rage of the True Blood Season 4 finale post, to MASpencer’s most awesome True Blood Recaps – you can say many things about the tone of this site (and many have)…but you could never say that it was uptight, stuffy or boring.

Of course, running this monstrosity has been far from a solitary endeavour. It’s a 24/7 occupation, and someone needs to baby sit this zoo while I sleep in another time zone at the arse end of the earth. I owe so much to my Viking sister-wives who tirelessly moderated, bitch-slapped, coddled and loved on all who posted here – in between writing amazing posts for the blog and the forum. These ladies – Serena, VikingLover, MASpencer, krtmd – as well as past mods ilovevampires, dazedrose and Ashley – understood implicitly my vision for this place, and the ethos underpinning it. They saw something they wanted to be part of and embraced it with every ounce of their commitment, passion and intensity. It can’t have been easy…it made no one rich, and it wasn’t always fun (yeah, we had lots of fights in private that you all never got to see) – but we made it to the finish line intact, and these ladies will always be counted amongst my friends. We’ve laughed together, fought together and speculated endlessly together.  Finding soul mates like these in the often brutal world of online fandom has been one of the richest gifts I will take from here.

I also want to thank my partner, Ben – who has listened patiently to my every fandom drama and offered advice, or a much needed alternative point of view. He’s resurrected the site after technical difficulties more times than I can count. Sookieverse would have been buried three and a half years ago if we had to rely on my technical inability to keep it running. And let’s not even mention the good humour with which he’s taken my five year extra-marital love affair with a tall, blond fictional vampire.

While it takes the effort of individuals to build a site like this, the result is nothing more than a soapbox without a community to bring it to life. And YOU, dear reader, are that community. Witty, fiery, irreverent and intelligent, your contribution has made SVB a daily must-visit for many.  From the emails I’ve been getting, I know that so many fans found their second home here and that makes me happy, and proud.  An extra special shout out to those sites that ran many of those readers out of town – their loss was our gain. Their unwitting assistance herding the lost Viking hordes in this direction helped make Sookieverse the biggest, and most vocal online shrine to the Viking around.


I’ve been asked numerous times lately if I’ll start another fansite – the answer to that is a loud and resounding no.  It’s definitely time for me to do other things.  You know how I mentioned my tendency to fixate? These days my fixation is on an interest entirely outside fandom, and I’m happiest now pouring my energy into that. It has little in common with Sookieverse (or books, or vampires) except late nights. But that suits my night owl tendencies just fine.

For those of you still gutted at the ending of the Sookie books and the unfortunate reader bashing that has occurred in the press, don’t allow anyone – and I DO mean ANYONE – to poison the pleasure this series has given you over the years. I’ve poured my heart and soul into a website devoted to fictional characters that were brutally assassinated in the most trite way imaginable. She didn’t even have the courtesy to finish me off proper with that ending, and it would be easy to throw a pity party and write it all off as a big waste of time. Except that it wasn’t. No one can ever take what these books have given me…or take the memories I have of late nights spent laughing, raging and squealing with you all for the love of them.

That will always be mine.  And it is yours, too.

For some of you (like me), the conclusion of the book series marks the end of your time in this fandom. Others are pushing forward with swords drawn and shields locked, into yet another round of True Torture Blood. No matter where you go from here Team Eric, I want you to remember one thing.


Thank you and good night, my lovers.



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