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Sookie Stackhouse and I first became friends back in 2008.

I devoured every book in the Sookie series in the span of a couple of weeks – so charmed was I by her wit, intelligence, and outright spunk. The small town waitress with a special talent and a determination to find her place in the world – no matter what it threw at her – found her way right into my heart. I continue to reread the series, each time finding layers, themes, character nuances and subplots that I didn’t see before.  I hope to explore some of these ideas here on this blog – hopefully with others who have found themselves drawn into these books in the same way I have been.

I welcome everyone’s input here and hope you enjoy reading. Spoilers are rampant, you have been warned so don’t abuse me for ruining anything. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, we recommend that you read the full series before reading back through the site. I want to speculate here and to do that, we need to be able to chew over everything we know. Play nice in the comments, and please read our comment policy if you decide to play.  I am not at all into heavy handed moderation – in return I expect that everyone will refrain from personal attacks and remember that there is a real person on the receiving end of whatever you say to each other here. And most importantly, remember that the SVM and its characters are works of fiction.

Now for an upfront confession.  As well as being completely smitten with the world that Ms. Harris has created, I am very firmly rooting for a tall blond Viking to be the last man standing when all of this is over.  I am shameless in my shipping preferences and make no apologies for it.
I will, however, apologise in advance for the colourful language. Sometimes I post drunk.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. jennifer marguerite says:

    Greetings…blog mistress and fellow viking worshiper! I recently stumbled upon your site and am sooooo thrilled i did. Thank you for cracking me up, giving me drool worthy images, and writing like a firecracker(not to mention making me feel less insane for my harris-stackhouse obsession). Your insights, opinions, polls, criticisms, and all that jazz are highly entertaining, intelligent and….well, many compliments & deep bows to you.
    Thank you for sookieverse.


    • SVB says:

      Oh thank YOU Jennifer! You’re giving me a swell head ;)

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site and I hope you’ll stick around.


    • Natacha says:

      Hi there ! You’ve described exactly how I feel about this site ! I stumbled upon it today, looking for some juicy news on my favorite Viking vamp :) SVB you are hilarious and witty, and you know exactly how to describe certain reactions to certain scenes (“panties dropping to ankles” anyone? lol ) Thx for this great site ! I +1 everything that Jennifer marguerite wrote !


  2. Christina says:

    Love the site…. can wait to talk more about Eric…. that does not get old at all. Not even after 1,000 years! :)


  3. Jelly says:


    Am so pleased I stumbled upon this epic site! Have read books 1-8 since Chrimbo and am refusing to look too deeply into any posts until finished books 9 and 10 so as to avoid any spoilers!

    Cant wait!


  4. Margo says:

    I love your site SVB! You have such great insight into the books. I became hooked on the SVMs after Season 3. I was going through withdrawals and decided to finally pick up the books. Needless to say, I read 3-10 in 5 weeks! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m completely hooked. I used to be Team Bill during TB but after reading the books, I’m Team Eric all the way! I truly hope that Eric is the last man standing too because he and Sookie are made for each other. May cannot come fast enough!


    • SVB says:

      Haha! I love it when we get a True Blood Bill fan convert to Book Eric ;)

      He kind of has that effect…..

      Welcome to the site Margo and I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


  5. CJ says:

    Hello! I have been a long time fan of the books and True Blood but I have only just recently stumbled on your site – I am loving it. I am making my way through ALL of your posts! I love your writing and think you’re hilarious….. I then noticed a post about the QLD floods. Are you an Aussie? I had presumed you were American but I had noted your sense of humour was very Australian :) I live on the Gold Coast. Anyway – keep up the great work. Carly


  6. Hanne says:

    I came across this site today and I can’t stop reading! Love the SVM, True Blood and Sookieverseblog! Thank you! :)


  7. Di says:

    Since being laid up in hopital for the last couple of months, and gone through all series of True Blood and all 11 books, I needed a fix and found your site.
    Thank you, thank you, for keeping me sane, amused and in a state of near contant arsoual with your Skarsporn


  8. eddy says:

    ditto all the quotes above , a friend lent me books 123, as i had an accident jan 2010 and was off work.
    I didnt read them for ages as I wasnt into the genre, well long story short I read and re read constantly, was originally a BB then of course became team Eric, I love this site and love the wit here that you dont always get on others.
    My husband although tolerating me thinks im mad especially after reading half book 1 found out that it was actually a TV SHOW!!! and made him drive me to the nearest town to buy season 1 before season 2 aired on FX 3 days later!.
    You can imagine how confusing that week was.
    I live in the UK so we dont get up to date info here( also all discussions are way ahead of me in time)so the SVB is invaluable to us over here.
    Thanks to all SVB posters I feel I know you all.


  9. Northwoman says:

    I stumbled across True Blood as a suggestion on Netflix a few years ago…rented season 1, was HOOKED…and I have to say, yeah, Stephen Moyer was looking good…then, early in Season 2 Askar showed up at the mall to talk to Bill with that short slicked back hair….after he got blood in his highlights…LOL…and I was HOOKED on Team Eric…and have been ever since. I am TRULY hoping that Mr. Ball does not screw up this Eric Sookie relationship for me…keeping my fingers crossed for this new season 4…feeling hopeful to see more of book Eric…”I never gave up on you”


  10. bluesweater says:

    I absolutely love your site as well! I am new to TB, I only started watching a year ago, but quickly caught up with the show and read the books this past year during the hiatus. Originally, a Bill fan in season 1, I became interested in Eric and Sookie’s interactions following episode 4, but I didn’t think they were meant to be until I watched the episode where Eric comes to collect Bill for the tribunal, in the Merlottes parking lot. Bill turns and walks away, but Eric kind of keeps gazing at Sookie as he is turning. At that point I realized that there is something about the Viking, googled Sookie and Eric and found the fandom and this blog. I’ve been visiting this blog for a while now without commenting, but just wanted to let you know how much I love it!


  11. GiggirlNY says:

    I just stumbled onto your site- crazy good! Thanks so much. I don’t take sides on the Bill/Eric situation because I want to see all the hot exchanges I can get from ALL the characters. I loved when Sookie had her first time with Bill…I LOVE the Sookie/Eric dreams…swooned when he kissed her (damn Ms. Pam Interuptis…’blah,blah,blah, Vampire emergency, blah’) and just can’t wait for my next love fix from any of the crew. is there a show that has more beautiful actors & actresses? I think not!


  12. Brittany says:

    You crack me up, “Sometimes I post drunk,” hahaha, yea I do that too! Anyhow, I love the books with a passion and will be so sad to see them come to a close in the near future. Also I was just like you after watching the first season–which was prior to reading the books, I was team Bill, now and after reading the books, Bill does not stand a chance in my heart anymore, nor should he in Sookie’s either. Eric is the bomb and cannot wait to see their hot sexual encounters unfold on the big screen!


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