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In the words of the Northman, “our little zoo is growing”. Rapidly, in fact. And as is the case in any zoo, rules are needed to keep things sane and stop the inmates from throwing shit and making a big mess.

We are happy to entertain any off the wall idea here, about any plotline or character – as long you can make a rational argument to support it, and you’re not mounting a personal attack on others when you do so.


With that in mind, if you think you might like to participate we ask that you be mindful of a few little rules.

Admin – sookieverseblog (SVB)
Moderator - VikingLover

1. Blog comments containing a link are held in moderation.

This is a blog. It is not a forum. Is there a difference? Actually, yes there is. On a blog, the author (ie. me) decides on the content – and if I find something interesting I get to write a post about it. On a forum, everyone and anyone can post whatever they like. Please remember there is a difference. We’re getting really, really tired of going all Northman on people who insist on posting off topic links to breaking news in the comments.

Posting a link to an old article or interview is fine if it adds to discussion, but will not completely derail the post.

DO NOT circumvent this by “disguising” links – eg. youtube dot com. If you have a compulsive need to be the first to post news, you are most welcome to do so on the forum. Or else, start your own blog. I will pimp you.

2. Don’t post under multiple user names

Posting comments under multiple user names is not on – don’t bother doing it, because we will know. We are all adults here and we own what we say. There is no reason for this behaviour except to deliberately mislead other posters. Don’t think you’ll fool me; I can see what you’re doing and if you are caught going incognito you will be warned by email. Keep it up, and you’ll find your comments held in moderation – where I’ll probably forget to approve them for weeks. Or maybe forever.

3. Characters are fair game – people are not.

As far as I know, Sookie doesn’t really care what any of us think about her, her love life, or her major life choices. Sookie doesn’t have any feelings that can be hurt, because she is a fictional character. We should be able to say what we like about Sookie or any other character, without causing offence.

Reasoned criticism of Sookie’s (or any other) character does not equate to bashing the author, or bashing Anna Paquin as the case may be. I’ll let you in a little secret: Anna isn’t *really* Sookie…Sookie isn’t even REAL!

Fancy that?

Actor and author bashing isn’t acceptable. Character bashing? Go for your life. Get it all off your chest. Chances are, someone here will agree with you.

4. We don’t care about the actor’s personal lives.

You won’t find endless posts about the True Blood cast walking their dogs, or a running commentary on their choice of partner here. And that’s because I don’t care. I have enough of my own personal drama to keep me entertained, without obsessing over theirs.

I love the characters and the story of the both the books and the show – the private lives of those concerned are not something I want to discuss in depth here. I don’t care who the cast are screwing. I don’t care who they are married to. Frankly, the inability to distinguish between reality and fiction in terms of the cast’s romantic attachments is more than a little disturbing.

5. Links to torrents and streams will be deleted.

Don’t post these, and please don’t ask for them either. We can’t help you with downloads on the sly. Sorry.


2 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. iamtrue2bill says:

    HI! I think I’ve heard of this site, but I’ve never been on it before. I have just perused some of the discussion titles, and I cannot find one for Bill Compton. Do you have one? I may have misunderstood. Is this a TB focused site, or a specific site for Eric Northman, or is it just things that relate to what is happening to Sookie, as your name implies ( imo ).
    Do I register, and then post where I want to. It sounds from your intro. that members don’t choose topics.
    I know, a lot of questions. I am just wondering. Thanks!


  2. SVB says:

    We do have a tag for Bill on the right of the page:

    He also has categories for both his book and TB incarnations:

    This isn’t a True Blood fansite. I’m a fan of both the books and the show, though the books are my greatest love. We post extensively about both, but make no bones about the fact that we consider the books canon and True Blood simply another version of the story.

    We don’t have a hard and fast rule for what we post about – though we have been very clear since the sites inception that we are strongly pro-Eric and Sookie (hence the banner at the top of the site), and don’t believe that fandom requires a pretense of neutrality. It’s not the United Nations; it’s a book series/tv show ;) We know what we like and we aren’t interested in paying lip service to what we don’t.

    The name of the site comes from the term that has long been used by book fans to refer to the world Sookie resides in – the Sookieverse. I chose it because I felt it left the scope of the site about as open as it could be; I didn’t want the content limited by the choice of name, or a particular alignment with either the books or True Blood. “Sookieverse”, as used by book fans, encompasses literally everything – not just Sookie, so it seemed a good fit.

    The site is made up of two separate areas: this is the blog, I post the content and people are free to comment as they wish without registering. Due to the volume of comments, we are strict about remaining on topic with the blog posts. We also have a forum, where members can register and start their own topics for discussion. The forum can be found here:

    No problem with the questions, it’s good to have the opportunity to clarify ;)


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