Season 4 Still – Sookie and Eric

A new still has just surfaced on Tumblr showing Eric in a rather protective looking pose, with a slightly confused looking Sookie.

I wonder who is threatening them? And I wonder whose Walmart clothes Eric is wearing? You have to love AE’s dress sense.

And speaking of dress sense, I simply must point out . . . → Read More: Season 4 Still – Sookie and Eric

An Interview with Charlaine

Charlaine Harris CH

The Queen of the Sookieverse is out flogging her wares all over the internets as the promotional drive for Dead Reckoning kicks into high gear.

Harris has given some great interviews over the last few weeks – we’ve been posting them to Facebook, so make sure you’re following us there if you don’t . . . → Read More: An Interview with Charlaine

Charlaine Harris Interviewed by

EN net

DeeDee at is a very, VERY lucky girl!

I love it when a true book fan has the opportunity to pick Charlaine’s brain – all too often her interview questions are heavily skewed towards True Blood, and I’m sure she’s about as sick to death of that angle as we are.

I . . . → Read More: Charlaine Harris Interviewed by

What the Fae?!

“Victor was at Fangtasia that night, as if he knew ahead of time he should be there.” – Eric to Sookie, Dead in the Family (Ch. 1)

At the time of DITF’s release, Eric’s observations on the night Sookie was abducted by the fae prompted frantic speculation here. How in the hell did . . . → Read More: What the Fae?!

Ten of the Best – Eric

Time for a fun post! With months to kill until we get our hands on Dead Reckoning, I’m starved for some book talk.

First up – ten of my favorite Book Eric quotes and why I love them.

I’ve steered away from some of the usual suspects on a list like this . . . → Read More: Ten of the Best – Eric

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