The Cluviel Dor

The cluviel who-ie what-ie? The cluviel dor my friends, the cluviel dor.

Sookie’s inherited magical get-out-of-jail-free card containing one wish but with an exceptional amount of restrictions. Eh.. At least its not a Horcrux. Introduced in Dead Reckoning and found stashed in a secret compartment of an old desk, the cluviel dor is first mentioned in Gran’s letter as she recounts Mr. Cataliades’ visit while executing Fintan’s will:

Then he came by one more time, a few years ago. He gave me the green thing. He said fairys give it to each other when they’re in love, and Fintan had given it to him to bring here to me if Fintan died before I did. It’s got a magical spell in it, he said. You won’t ever need to use it, I hope, he said. But if you do he said to remember that it was a one time thing, not like a lamp, like in the story, with a lot of wishes. He called this thing a cluviel dor, and showed me how to spell it.

While curious it is that Gran can’t figure out the plural spelling of words that end in y, even more curious is the notion that Fintan loved Gran so much he waited until he was dead to give Adele the cluviel dor. Bizarre.

As is the fact that Fintan watched both Jason and Sookie, then ultimately decided that Sookie should be the one to have it. The same Fintan who would run around in a Mitchell suit. That guy’s judgement. *sniff.* Smells mahi-mahi to me, like Sookie was the one Fintan always meant to give it to. Why?

Sookie describes her new magical object thusly:

Before I could stop myself, I picked up my other relic, the worn velvet bag. I loosened the drawstring, which crumbled in my fingers. I opened the bag and let the hard thing inside -the cluviel dor, the gift from my fairy grandfather – fall into my palm.
I loved it instantly.
It was a creamy light green, trimmed in gold. It was like one of the snuffboxes at the antiques store, but nothing in Splendide had been this beautiful. I could see no catch, no hinge, nothing; it didn’t pop open when I gently pressed and twisted the lid – and there was definitely a lid, trimmed in gold. Hmmm. The round box wasn’t ready to yield its secret.

Sookie then reflects on the C.D’s magical charisma, rubs it against her cheek as she “felt like purring,” and then does a very cute Sméagol impression. She continues the physical description of the cluviel dor as the size of “two stacked oreo cookies” and that it looked “like a minature powder compact.” So comparatively it probably looks like this but smaller in circumference, a little fatter in thickness, and minus the latch:

Did anyone else imagine it was stuffed in a Crown Royale bag? Something tells me Gran was a boozer.


It is so exciting looking!!

Erm… I’m going to pretend it looks like this:

You say Sookie's magical compact, I say Sailor Moon's magical locket.

Glorious! Okay, it’s pink but it just screams mucho magical – see that awesome 1992 animated residue? Hmm? And it comes with a midi. Moon Prism Power!

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