Sookie Q & A

Charlaine Harris’ official site hosts a large forum which conducts a tightly moderated discussion of the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Harris follows the posts, and often answers questions about the characters and the series. While she doesn’t give much away about future plotlines, her answers are useful for clarifying some of the ambiguity contained in the already published books.

Occasionally the responses just muddy the waters further as she tries to answer without giving anything away. Often they are as open to interpretation as the passage that prompted them. And sometimes, they are clear enough to be helpful. No matter what, they’re always very brief! I’m including some of her less cryptic answers on this page as a reference. This will be a work in progress and I’ll add to it when I can.

I have edited some of the questions for clarity and grammar, and the answers for relevance. All answers were posted by the author (duckpond100) – I have not included questions answered by moderators.

Also included are comments of interest from various media interviews.

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Sookie’s HEA (Happily Ever After)
The Blood Bond
Odds and Sods

6 thoughts on “Sookie Q & A

  1. Tilara says:

    Will we ever see Claude with a female? I know he prefers males but in Dead in the family he mentions having been with women before. ple.


  2. Shawna says:

    When will the 11th book be out?


    • Serena says:

      It looks like Dead Reckoning will be out May 2011. :)

      The Sookie Stackhouse Companion book which will contain a novella will be out sometime early 2011, it was tentatively Feb. 2011, but had to be pushed back.


  3. D. Reilly says:

    Ms Harris, you have created the most dynamic character,in ‘Eric’! He must be a real person, or a composite of persons. Eric is the most enjoyable character’ written ‘, in a long time. He’s a vampire, but ‘feels’ so real, that he’s almost tangible. True Blood cast ALEXANDER SCARSGARD;perfection!ALL your fans have fallen in love with “ERIC” again! and again..I think you must have loved him too. THANKYOU, for all the joy you give your readers and fans!!


  4. shannen says:

    when you say “eric has seen quinn fight in the pits” dose eric feel that quinn could finally end him if they were in a fight? is that why he sent him away to protect sookie and himself?


  5. shannen says:

    eric questions…

    will sookie ever tell eric that quinn killed andr? if she dose will eric use that as an excuse to kill him? will pam stick up for eric if he gets hurt? will quinn kill her if she dose? if pam dies will eric leave sookie because he’s scared she will die around him too?

    hunter questions…

    will hunter ever live with sookie? will jason adopt him because he feels he let all his other family down? will victor maiden find out a bout hunter and use him to get sookie and eric, because he cant use sookie?

    bill questions…

    will bill ever fall in love with his “sister”? will bill ever try to hurt sookie or dose he really love her?

    sookie questions…

    will sookie fall in love with an elf? will demort brake the bb for sookie? will sookie adopt hunter? will sookie run away to stop her friends getting hurt and met an elf on her travelles?

    sam questions…

    will sam die? will sam ever fight with eric? will sam give up on sookie?

    i have so many questions… i am team eric all the way!!!!!!!

    but if eric dose die i hope niall brings him back with some magic powers because he knows how much sookie loves him…. team eric yahh!!!


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