Statement by poster: “I just wish Ms Harris hadn’t turned against him…Bill was such a sweetie, and everything Sookie would have wanted in terms of stability and loyalty, even if he did have separate vampire issues which tested the latter…I guess I’m just a romantic at heart.”

A: “Turned against him” implies that Bill was a friend of mine whom I decided I didn’t like. Like all the characters I write, Bill is complex. He is neither a hero nor a villain, but has elements of both.

Q: Ms Harris, when in your mind, does Bill fall in love or start having deep feelings for Sookie??

A: I think Bill knew very quickly, however reluctantly, that Sookie was not just an assignment; and let me point out that he was not anxious or willing to undertake the assignment.

On True Blood Bill, during the airing of Season 1 [2008]

“It’s interesting to see this rush of sympathy for Bill (fuelled, I believe because Stephen Moyer is so sympathetic). The books will continue for the forseeable future, and I hope you all enjoy the result.”

On the Trunk Scene:

[Comment posted in response to a reader who incorrectly asserted that Harris has previously denied the trunk scene was a rape].

“I don’t know if I should step in here or not. Obviously, this passage in the books has sparked hot debates and strong emotions. I am going to say the reader has to make of it what she will; I don’t believe in interpreting and explaining my books, which must stand on their own.

I don’t remember saying that episode wasn’t rape, and I would also be very interested in hearing what you’re basing that statement on, rclaurel”. (December 2008)

Q: From the forum, on the Kill Bill/Alan Ball fiasco (Alan Ball mentioned in 2009 that Harris “had to be talked out of killing Bill” during the Fae war in Dead and Gone).

A: I understand that Alan was commenting on the differences between the future of the series and the plot of the books at Paleyfest, and remarked that I’d been “talked out of” killing Bill. That’s leaving an inaccurate impression with many readers, my moderators have told me.

Unfortunately, in a conversation with Alan some months ago I did tell him that when I was finishing DEAD AND GONE I did consider the possibility that Bill might die in the fairy assault on the field hospital. I did not realize that Alan might remember and repeat my words. During the course of the Sookie series, I’ve considered killing off several characters who haven’t bitten the dust yet and may never. That’s one of the choices a fiction writer considers with every book. And you’ll notice that in the end, I decided that Bill had more story to tell.

So please don’t give Alan’s words any more weight than they’re due, or blow them out of proportion. It never occurred to me that he might repeat a casual remark of mine about a possibility that never came to pass. (October 2009)

Q: At what point while writing the Sookie Stackhouse stories did you realize Bill Compton was not going to be the main romantic partner for Sookie?
A: “Probably by the second book.” (Charlaine’s Facebook Page, Oct 2012)

“Well, I can’t give away much, but I will tell you that I don’t see her getting back together with Bill.” (May 2010, Goth Chick News)

9 thoughts on “Bill

  1. anonymous says:

    Does sookie choose bill finally ??


    • krtmd says:

      With two books left to go, no one but Ms. Harris can say for sure who Sookie will pick in the end. But I think you will find very few readers of the books here at SVB who think Bill will be her HEA.


      • Jamie says:

        Piggy-backing off krtmd’s reply, I’ve read all the novels so far and I’ve been an avid watcher of the HBO Series. In the novels, it seems Sookie and Bill are content with where their relationship stands, and her relationship with Eric seems to grow and develop as the book series progresses. I think we’re going to see more of this relationship progression through the last two novels.


  2. Ariel says:

    IDK, it all seems like misdirection to me.

    For the record, I prefer Bill to Eric for a myriad of reasons. Having said that, I think the point is to get readers focused on all this Bill versus Eric when all along it’s been neither of them.

    Of course, Sookie loved Bill and as she said, she will always have a special place in her heart for Bill. Of course Sookie loved memory loss-Eric and of course she has strong feelings for reg power/money hungry Eric.

    But no matter whether she was dating Bill, Eric, Alcide or Quinn she always had a connection with Sam.

    In nearly every book Sookie mentions how good Sam makes her feel, how happy she is that he’s in her life, how good he looks naked. On the occasions that she kissed or hugged Sam she comments about how much she enjoys it. It’s on par with her reflections on kissing all the other guys. We don’t have to like it but we can’t deny that all along in the books there has been tremendous chemistry. We, as the readers, might not feel it but apparently those two character feel it when they’re by themselves.

    It really annoyed Sookie that Sam waited till she was dating Bill and saw that she was falling for Bill before he made his interest known.If you think about it, had Sam had the courage to trust Sookie with his secret none of the vamps would have ever stood a chance. I think part of what made her so mad is she realized she liked Sam, as he liked her.

    I think the overwhelming majority of the obsessive dans of this series perfer Eric. Who knows, maybe she’ll make Sookie pick Eric to appease the fansbase even though it’s not consistent with everything that Charlaine has told us about who Sookie is and what Sookie wants. I hope it’s Bill but text, from the entire series, supports Sam as the one she settles on.

    Unfortunately, I just can’t get too excited about Sam; but objectively speaking, Sam has done the least wrong to Sookie.

    Alcide used Sookie repeatedly to get a benefit for his father, himself, his pack or combo thereof(See every book that Alcide is in). Plus anyone stupid enough to kick it with Debbie Pelt ofr that long is not someone you should procreate with.

    Bill may have initiated contact with Sookie under orders of the Queen, but once he knew he had actual feeling for Sookie Bill should have come clean to her about the start of their relationship. At no point in any of the books is it said that the Queen forbade him to tell her. Only that he was ordered to do it. It was cowardly of him not to tell her.

    Eric threatened Sookie to force her to do the things that he wanted. (Dead Until Dark) Eric lied to Sookie to get her to ingest his blood (Living Dead in Dallas) Just hours after Sookie is staked and is still in great pain, Eric was more concerned with taking advantage of the situation and kissing/fondling Sookie then letting her rest.
    Quinn can’t be blamed for having a completely messed up family but he should have let Sookie know. If he had cut off all contact with his family I could agree with his choice to not go there but since his crazy family was an active part of his life he shouldn’t have kept his past and current probs from her.

    The ONLY bad thing Sam did to Sookie was that he seemed completely unconcerned with the fact that Meenad damn near killed her just to send a message to Eric. IDK how Sam could “date” the Meenad after she did that. That actually pissed me off but for some unknown reason Sookie let Sam off the hook on that. I couldn’t ever see Bill, Eric, Alcide or Quinn hooking up with the Meenad after they did that to Sookie. All of them would have wanted to kill her. It’s the only really out of character thing that Sam has ever done.

    Oh well. We’ll all know tomorrow how this little saga ends.


    • SVB says:

      Maybe you should read some spoilers :lol:


    • nymerias says:

      Yeah you should really read some spoilers since the cat has been out of the bag for about two weeks now, I think. :D


      • Ariel says:

        I thought the book was coming out today but I guess it’s tomorrow.

        I stopped watching movie trailers a few years ago because the studio puts in clips of stuff they cut out. You think something looks cute/cool/funny and then you never see that scene in the movie.

        How would you even know if a spoiler was true and not someone trying to be a spoon by stirring shit up with misdirection.

        My bf and I were in line for Half Blood Prince and a car full of guys goes by and they shout out to us “Dumbledore dies. Harry killed him!!!” We knew Dumbledore was going die(love the audiobooks, Jim Dale best narrator EVER so that wasn’t a shock but we spent the whole movie totally DISTRACTED wondering why the studio would change Dumbledore’s killer from Malfoy to Harry. Of course they didn’t change that, those guys were lying. But that’s my point those guys wanted to spoil the movie for both people that had read and not read the books.

        I’m a little bummed that the book isn’t out today. I purposely planned my re-listening of the series to end this afternoon so I oculd pop put and pick it up. I only get to work from my home office on Mons & Tues,that would have been plenty of time to read before I have to go into my workplace on Wed

        In re listening to this series again I am struck by how different the Alcide from the begging to middle of Club Dead is to the Alcide in all the latter books. When I first read Club Dead I couldn’t get how someone that seemed as decent, warm, kind as Alcide could EVER date Debbie Pelt in the first place. Not only did he have a long term relationship with her but he hooks back up with her even after her actions cause Sookie to get savagely bit & sexually assaulted by Bill. WTF? And then he constantly guilt, manipulates and lies to Sookie in nearly every interaction after that. That Alcide, is more in line with a man that would date someone like Debbie.
        Guilting Sookie into taking a hallucinogenic drug, whose long term effects can’t be known since they don’t even know the ingredients of that powder.

        I swear I’d rather have Quinn come back and Sookie fall in love with him then have her decide to hook up with Alcide. I just read Charliane Harris Jun/Jul 2012 FB post where she says she just finished the last book and I couldn’t believe how many people wrote they wanted to see Alcide hook up with Sookie. I don’t get that, at all. I guess they must be in love with the dude who plays him on TrueBlood. He’s hot but that doesn’t change who hte character is in the books. (Speaking of True Blood, The Sesame Street parody of the True Blood pilot, True Mud, is hysterical, as is their parody of The Closer and there a great bit with Sara Jessica Parker sitting on the bench waiting for “Big” to come for her.)

        I hoping for Bill but I’ll settle for Eric. They’re the only ones that I feel their chemistry when I read their interactions. I’ll be indifferent to Sam because as nice as he is I don’t feel the heat. I’ll be annoyed if it’s Quinn because they haven’t even really hung out at all since they broke up. I’ll be annoyed if it’s some good looking Fairy we never met and they fall in love and she goes to live in the fae world so she can escape the dangers of vampires. I’ll be annoyed if it’s the dude that Niall sent to her to have sex with as a X-mas present in one of the short stories. That would be too out of the blue and convenient.

        I’ll just laugh hysterically( and not in a good way) if it’s Barry the Bellhop and then together they adopt Hunter and live happily ever after pimping out their telepathic talents to supes & humans alike.

        And I’ll just be completely furious if it’s Alcide. Honestly, he would just be the worst choice. I know Eric fans hate Bill for the one thing he did wrong ( lied to Sookie about the origins of their relationship) and I know they hate him for things he genuinely couldn’t have helped (the assault in the car trunk) But looking at it objectively NO ONE has treated Sookie worse than Alcide has.

        I look forward to seeing what happens. So far none of the supes know about Hunter. I hope it stays that way. I don’t want this book ending with Hunter being hurt or Remy dying to protect Hunter and now Sookie has to raise him.


  3. Ariel says:

    I won’t be surprised one way or another. Like I said I know a majority of fans prefer Eric and given the mixed critical reception of the books Charlaine may decide to end the series pleasing the greatest number of fans she can which would be Eric as opposed to what her initial plans might have been. The only two choices that will make me go WTF would be Alcide or Quinn, that would be ridiculous.


  4. Ariel says:

    Spoliers? I’ve never understood that. I never looked for my presents before X-mas I’ve never read the end of a book first and I’ve never looked for spoilers for shows and books. The surprise is the best part of the journey, even if it’s not what you wanted :)

    If it is Sam I’ll have to go all have to go all the way back to Dead as a Doornail to find a time when I felt any actual chemistry between Sam & Sookie. They had a great kiss before Bill rudely interrupted them prompting a broken-legged Sam to lunge at Bill.

    IDK something seems fake and unatural about Sam and Sookie constantly doting on each other and exchanging platitudes and mutual attraction but never actually dating. I would of rather they dated and then realized that they really weren’t compatible and decide on being friends then have all this repeated idolization of each other without doing anything about it. It’s not realistic. Especially with Sookie always lamenting about how bad and dangerous her life has been since she’s been hanging out with Vampires and Sam always saying it


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