Q: In book 6 Eric made Bill tell Sookie that Bill was sent to seduce her. Did Eric find out about Bill’s mission when he went to see the Queen or did he know before that?

A. No, Eric found out when he went to New Orleans [book 6]

Q. If you don’t mind, could one of you tell me if Mrs. Harris has answered any questions on Eric’s Anemsia. On whether or not he was faking it?

A: No, Eric genuinely had amnesia (March 2010).

Q. Did Eric suspect the culprit [in the Fangtasia theft] was Long Shadow and use the situation to evaluate Sookie’s abilities? Or, did he genuinely need her assistance to find the guilty party?

A. He genuinely needed her assistance.

Q: At the beginning Definitely Dead I noticed a change in Eric’s behaviour toward Sookie. While DAAD finished with a passionate kiss given by Eric to Sookie, in the first chapters of DD Sookie says that Eric had just started to ignore her, avoiding talking or seeing her, as much as possible. I would like to know why at the beginning there’s this abrupt change of behaviour from Eric.

A: Eric is conflicted in his feelings about Sookie. The next books will clarify this. (August 2009)

Q: From the forum, on how long Niall and Eric have known eachother:

A: Niall is always hazy about time, which has little meaning for him. Time also passes differently in Faery than it does in the land of humans. He and Eric have known each other for decades, but Eric only learned that Sookie was Niall’s relation not long before Sookie did. (September 2011).

Q: Earlier in this chat, someone asked about your thoughts on Eric. I was wondering why you are always seem surprised by the amount of love fans have for him, since he’s a “ruthless anti-hero murderer” and all?

A. I’m not surprised that people find him attractive. I certainly tried to make him so! I am surprised that people seem to sometimes see him as a typical romance hero . . . which he’s not. (From Washington Post chat, 7 September 2011)

On Eric’s character:

A: Eric has surprised me over and over. When I began establishing him, I thought it would be fun to include a Viking as a counterpoint to Bill, my Civil War veteran. In many ways, Eric is Bill’s opposite, absolutely on purpose. (p. 274, The Sookie Stackhouse Companion, 2011.)

Q: Your character Eric Northman is hugely popular in the books and the show. Can you tell us in yoiur own words, how Eric has evolved emotionally over the last 11 books?

A: I don’t know that Eric is evolving so much as that the reader is getting to see more and more of his layers acquired over a thousand years of existence. Eric always watches out for Eric, and secondly his child Pam. He does have another child we haven’t met. He is very practical. But he does love Sookie. Obviously, this is a huge conflict for him. (September 2011, source)

Q: Ms. Harris, You’ve continually said that the SSN are not romance novels, and I would add that Eric Northman is a bit of an antihero. Are you surprised by the reader response to his character and the intense interest in Sookie’s HEA?

A: Yes, very surprised. Some readers are sure they see a traditional romance hero in Eric, but he’s anything but that. He’s a murderer, many times over, and pragmatic. But he does love Sookie. However, romance novels always end with everyone happy except really bad guys, and that’s not the way I write.
(source – Washington Post online chat)

“No, I’m not going to kill off Eric” – (FDTW book tour, 2008)

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8 thoughts on “Eric

  1. VampGirl says:

    “He does have another child we haven’t met.”
    This is news for me, so I’ll allow myself to say : WHAAAT? I bet we’ll met this other child


    • SVB says:

      Pam tells Sookie about Eric’s other child in All Together Dead:

      “Why’d he turn you?” I settled lower in my chair and crossed my legs. This was an unexpected and fascinating conversation.
      “I think he was lonely,” she said, a faint note of surprise in her voice. “His last companion had struck out on her own, since children can’t stay with their maker for long. After a few years, the child must strike out on its own, though it may come back to the maker, and must if the maker calls.”

      It was a blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment :lol:

      CH has said that if there is a place for EOC in the story she will appear.


      • VampGirl says:

        Ah, yes, that was a blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment! It’s a good thing I’m re-reading SSNs. I bet there is other stuff I’d missed the first time


    • VampGirl says:

      well, I intended it to be NEW not NEWS, but…you did understand me ;)


  2. CristalF says:

    I have a question that has been bugging me for months. Why would the writers of the show have sookie say to Eric (Season 4 finally) that Bill lied to her to protect her. From what I remember during her “speech”, she wanted to justify Bill’s lies to her, her lies to Bill (for Eric) but she couldn’t find an excuse to justify Eric from all of his lies. She basically said the he lied so much it was too hard to count. So my point is, why? It just makes her as a character unlikable again, I can’t imagine trying to justify my ex for lying to me, almost killing me, and using me. *rant over*


    • SVB says:

      We’ve pored over this very question here in the forums for months.

      That whole scene is one of television’s biggest WTF moments, as far as I’m concerned. Show has lost the plot. We just focus on the books now :)


  3. Dean says:

    I’ve just completed Deadlocked. I feel totally cheated at the way this series has ended. It’s almost as if Mrs. Harris’s imagination just evaporated so the ending was disappointing, unfulfilling and blah, blah, blah. It’s been many years since I felt so abandoned by an author at the end of a series.


    • krtmd says:

      Don’t despair Dean! There is one more book in the SVM – Dead Ever After will be published in May, 2013. Feel free to join in the Deadlocked discussions on the blog, or register and join in the forum discussions.


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