Odds and Sods


In response to a comment by a reader that she wasn’t happy with Sam in Small Town Wedding.

[That] is absolutely okay. I wasn’t too happy with him, myself. Maybe we’ll learn more about why he acted that way. P.S. I don’t think there’s a single character in the books that hasn’t had flaws in his/her behavior. (September 2011)


Q: Will we see Niall in the next book? (Deadlocked)

A. Yes. (September 2011, source)


Q: What is Eric actually asking Sookie in DAG when he asks her if she regrets Quinn? Is he asking does she regret dating him or, does she regret that Eric banished him from Area 5?

A: Eric is asking if she regrets breaking up with him.

On Quinn’s attraction to Sookie:

“Quinn isn’t a blood drinker, like the vamps, so Sookie’s little percentage of fairy blood doesn’t attract him in the same way vamps are attracted, though Sookie thinks it makes her more interesting to all supes” (June 2009 – edited for content).

[SVB: Sookie thinks it makes her more interesting to all supes??]

“Quinn and Eric know each other by reputation. Eric has also seen Quinn fight in the pit.”


Q: Do you think we will see a love interest for Pam in the future?

A: I’m not sure that a “love interest” is what Pam wants.


“I don’t explain the occurences in the books, unless I simply can’t stand it. That’s up to the reader. I usually feel I’ve built the explanation in. I know sometimes I’m wrong!”

I’m okay with the changes (on True Blood), because I know the real story.” (October 2010, source)

One thought on “Odds and Sods

  1. cw says:

    I totally forgot that CH answered that Pam might not be looking for love interest. I’m predicting that Pam will have secret negotiation with Freyda all by herself. I remember Eric said that Pam is Sookie’s friend and she loves Sookie and CH said Pam have secrets. I think this is what might happen in DEA. Maybe she secretly call EOC too.


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