Q: Could Sookie ever reconsider becoming a vampire when this story finally comes to an end?

A: Sookie will never become a vampire.

Q: Is it theoretically possible that Sookie’s lifetime can be extended by magical means?

A: It’s possible but it’s not gonna happen.

Q: Even though Sookie often professes that she wants to stay away from the supernatural world, she always reverses herself fairly quickly, and now she seems to be increasingly comfortable with her life in the supe community. Do you forsee a point when she might *really* sever her ties with the supernatural world and want to live out a regular human existence? Or is she growing more comfortable that her place in life is within the supernatural community, bridging the gaps between the humans and the supes?

A: Sookie is enjoying her life too much to go back. She could not go back as she had such a hard time before, so she will end up staying in the supernatural community (May 2008).

Q. Do you have hopes for Sookie to find happiness? Is there a happy ending in your head that she just has to get to? Or is the character shaping her own destiny, so to speak?

A. I have known the way the books will end for quite some time. The clues to it do lie in Sookie’s character. I’m very fond of her, since I’ve lived with her for so long, and I hope readers will be satisfied by what becomes of her. (April 2011, source)

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