Sookie’s HEA

SOOKIE’s HEA (Happily Ever After)

Q: In Dead and Gone, when Niall says goodbye to Sookie he makes a comment to the effect that he’s a good man/vampire, he loves you – but he doesn’t say who, leaving Sookie wondering. Will we eventually find out who Niall meant?

A: I’m not sure you’ll ever find out. You may have to imagine the answer.

Q: Do you know if Sookie’s HEA won’t be discovered until the last book? Or is there a chance of a book or two with the definite happy couple featuring?

A: I don’t know yet.

Q: Would it be possible that Sookie and Bill could end up together, despite the skeptics or over analysts?

A: I don’t think Sookie and Bill will ever have the same relationship. However, Bill is in the next book in no small way.

Q: Dear Ms Harris, is it even potentially possible for Sookie to have romantic interest in Bill anymore? Wanting him as sex partner again? If , say, she finally discovers all the complexity of the sire-child relationship? Anytime in the future? Or is it truly over forever – in your plot line and your universe?

A: I seldom completely rule out anything, though some plot developments seem pretty unlikely. (August 2008)

“I don’t write absolutes. I don’t write the kind of “happily ever after” that romance readers enjoy. I’m not saying that “happily ever afters” are a bad thing, and I’m not saying Sookie will never be happy … but she’s not going to settle down and start a family and have the white picket fence.” – Harris, Huffington Post (June 2010)

“A vampire can’t give her what she’s always thought she wanted; a regular marriage with children. But that doesn’t mean Sookie will end up with exactly what she wants. I see no reason why she couldn’t settle with one person.”
Paranormal Romance, 2009

25 thoughts on “Sookie’s HEA

  1. in love with the series says:

    I would love to see Sookie end up with a permanent love interest. I think at this point every reader of this series would love to see the same thing. Although I know that the author all ready has an outline (idea) of how the books will end, as a loyal fan I’d like to put my two cents worth in and vote for Alcide.


  2. Jamie says:

    As a person who studies English & Literature at the undergraduate and also loves this series, I would have to argue that it wouldn’t make much sense for Harris to focus so many of the later novels on the relationship between Sookie and Eric to have them just split at the end. Now perhaps these novels are meant to serve as a story of Sookie “coming into her own,” in which case, it would make perfect sense for her to choose either Eric or no one at the conclusion of the series. However, as a lover of Eric’s character, I honestly hope she and Eric wind up together.


  3. in love with the series says:

    Since Harris has already stated that Sookie will NEVER become a vampire and a HEA is predisposed to include a permanent love interest, I think it is safe to assume Eric can not fit the bill here. Though I too would prefer to have that HEA include Eric, after reading everything this website has to offer, I would like to see her character linked with Alcide than no one at all.


    • SVB says:

      a HEA is predisposed to include a permanent love interest, I think it is safe to assume Eric can not fit the bill here.

      Be careful not to mix this series up with others in the same genre. The established mythology of the SSN is such that maker/progeny relationships are extremely intense – and very brief. We saw that with Bill and Lorena, and we saw it with Eric and Pam. We have also seen it with numerous minor characters over the course of the series, and Pam went to pains to explain this to Sookie in ATD when she described her early relationship with Eric after her turning. There is also a power imbalance between maker and progeny that would make a long term “HEA” between a vampire and a turned human impossible.

      Sookie being turned – ESPECIALLY by Eric – would be the nail in their coffin, according to the mythology of this series. It’s not going to happen, as Charlaine has said…and it doesn’t need to. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Sookie being turned by Eric precludes their HEA if you consider in terms of the rules of this particular universe.


  4. mark hartshorn says:

    i would love to see eric and sookie get their HEA they are made for each other and i hope sookie kills the queen of Oklahoma and i hope that llama gets whats coming to him


  5. willow says:

    Who is to say Eric, is the one who turns her or that Niall, won’t step in and change the dynamic altogether or that Ms Harris is leading us one way or that she may change her mind, you never know.


  6. Promissus says:

    I have a theory. But maybe it’s a little far fetched but bear with me..
    What if there is some magically way to turn a immortal back into a human on the show?
    (Oh yes how everyone would love it, if that was that easy)
    Sookie would be determined to find whatever the cure is to bring back the dead. But who would she end up using it on would be the mystery.
    Finding a cure would seem like we might get HEA with whoever you want to believe she’ll give the cure to.

    I’m dreaming too much. That’s my personal desire of how I see the HEA going.
    But don’t underestimate the Author because it’s highly likely she has some tricks up her sleeve. To keep us on edge, to keep us waiting. We shall see.


    • krtmd says:

      I’m confused Promissus. When you refer to the show, am I to assume you mean True Blood? Then I have no idea, since I think they make up the rules as they go along. If you are referring to the Sookie novels, then no, a vampire cannot be made human in the Sookieverse. It’s a rule! :-D


  7. Zanne says:

    Harris has stated before that Sookie won’t be a vampire and magic won’t be used to extend her life. Personally, I don’t see how it matter as Harris has gone to great length in the text to show that Eric is very focused on Sookie’s bravery, common sense, hard working attitude and creativity. Yes, he likes the way she looks but it played no part in why he picked his human wife (I liked and she wasn’t a silly girl) or his next potential human wife. At heart, Eric is a Viking and Harris said AE revealed core Eric. This is the Eric that wanted to stay with Sookie and said he could help her, he could leave it all and help her load. I have to agree with the poster above, as someone who studied writing and literature in undergraduate and graduate level (these were my majors), a writer of a series doesn’t spend this much of a series building this relationship and establishing so clearly that Eric does not care and is focused on her practical virtues, just to have him flake out suddenly. She only has about 300 pp to wrap this up and she isn’t introducing any new love interests per the author herself. Sookie was well into Eric by book 3 although conflicted about it, but by book 4 she had gone there and it’s been nothing but the two of them with a short detour to Quinn (and I do mean short). The build up is just too long and the last novel too short to pull off anything else unless it’s told far into the future. We know that isn’t true because CH told us that the short story happens right after. So the last book takes place in the late summer immediately following the last book. From a writing perspective that is impossible to pull off. None of the books have moved that far forward.

    I also believe the current block between them has been set up to be resolved. All writers set up the next book or the ending and CH has done it as well. I laid that out before but here it is:

    It really strikes me that Sookie’s insecurity and impatience with Eric cause her to possibly misinterpret Eric’s last talk with her. She cuts him off by demanding he just say no and walk away. She suggests they leave, but really doesn’t know if she could follow through with it. Then, Eric says the following:

    “Sookie, if I turn down this opportunity, Felipe will punish both of us. Our lives will not be worth living.”

    “If only there were some way to prevent this,” Eric said. “But I don’t know of any way, and I can’t tear you away from your life.”

    Harris, Charlaine (2012-05-01). Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Kindle Locations 3953-3954). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

    It appears to me that at this point that Felipe, with whom Eric is spending so much time, is probably forcing Eric to marry Freyda to turn on her so he, FDC, can make a power grab. I’ve said before that FDC has nothing to gain by Eric going to OK as Freyda’s lackey and much to lose. Eric is his only strong sheriff left in LA and his strongest player without Victor and his minions. FDC is weak right now and stretched thin across three states not all of which are contiguous. If he loses Eric right now, he’d be easily taken over, so why let Eric go to Freyda? It won’t placate her at all, it will give her all the cards.

    I think FDC used Victor’s death and the threat of taking Sookie back to LV to force Eric into playing along and not telling anyone why. His best way to pull this off is if none of Eric’s minions know what is happening. If they are sure that Eric is marrying Freyda due to the contract, it is much less likely that Freyda or anyone in her party will figure out that she is walking into a trap. FDC takes very little risk because if things go wrong, he can blame everything on Eric – because of his marriage to a human he loves. If things go right, Eric and Sookie are cleared of their culpability in Victor’s death.

    And what better way to make Eric toe the line than to tell him that he will seek vengeance on Sookie for Victor’s death or at best take her back to LV to be his telepath. “Sookie, if I turn down this opportunity, Felipe will punish both of us. Our lives will not be worth living.” Eric knows what this will do to Sookie as they’ve been over it many times. For Sookie, this is the worst punishment imaginable. “If only there were some way to prevent this,” Eric said. “But I don’t know of any way, and I can’t tear you away from your life.” He knows it will hurt her. “Sookie … it’s not just a straightforward decision, you over Freyda. If it were only one woman over another … it’s you I love. That’s a given, not a choice at all. But it’s not that simple.” “I’m locked into it,” he said, his expression savage. Some think he’s just angry at Sookie, but I think he’s also incredibly frustrated with a situation wherein doing what he must to protect them and pull it off, he may in fact lose her. Still, he’s bound to protect her so he will do it no matter the cost.

    Eric has only one way to protect her…unless she uses something powerful to release them both from this impossible situation. “You could stop this if you chose.” Each word came clear and distinct. “You say you love me,” he said angrily. “You could stop this.” He turned to walk away. I think in part he’s angry at her for putting it all on him (although since she doesn’t understand, what else is she to do?), but I think he’s also incredibly frustrated that there are no good ways out of this. I think he turns and flies away because he realizes that her using the CD will only leave them with her insecurity which will eventually destroy them.

    I don’t believe Eric has nefarious intent here. If he did, he could force her to use the CD or even just influence her into it. He does neither. He gets out of there. He leaves the situation on himself rather than her. He’s upset and angry, but at the end of the day, his message is this – “If only there were some way to prevent this,” … “But I don’t know of any way, and I can’t tear you away from your life.” He’s clearly protecting her…from something we don’t yet understand and neither does she.

    I think this is reinforced in Niall’s visit later on. First, when he tells her he knows she has the CD, he says, “Don’t even show it to me”. Why? “But you really, really want it.” “I do, and I have very poor impulse control.” “Okay. No looks.” Danger. So Niall doesn’t even trust himself not to take the CD by force or to make her use it by force, but Eric did control himself. He did not compel her to use it. And, she finds out that Niall told Eric about the CD. “You have not asked yet who told your lover that you have the … object.” “That would be a good thing for me to learn.” “You need to know.” His arms grew uncomfortably tight around me. I made myself relax against him. “It was me,” Niall said, almost inaudibly. “What?” The brilliant eyes bored into mine. “You had to know,” he said. “You had to know what would happen if he believed you had power.” And what did happen? He told her she could use it to stop what was coming because of FDC (and he tells her that FDC is behind it), but he won’t force her to do it. He takes himself away from her rather than go down that path. What does Niall have to say about Eric? “Eric is unfortunate in that people feel the need to take him down a peg, including his own maker…Appius Livius Ocella made mistakes in his whole long existence. Perhaps changing Eric was his finest hour. He created the perfect vampire. Eric’s only flaw is you.” “Of course, that’s not how I perceive it, dearest. You are the one right impulse Eric has had in five hundred years or more.” It’s clear that Niall not only feels highly about Eric, but he also thinks highly of Sookie’s connection to him. Eric’s impulse with Sookie is a right one to Niall. How could he say that if he really thought Eric was nothing but an Appius? He doesn’t think highly of Appius. There’s also the fact that Niall has known Eric well enough for five hundred years or more to know his impulses. He knows both of Eric’s progeny and has opinions about them. He even asked Eric to watch Sookie and report back to him about her. If he didn’t trust Eric, he wouldn’t have had a vampire watch over his human great grandchild with Fairy blood. He’d have been afraid for her. But, he wasn’t. It’s very apparent that Niall trusts Eric. I believe Niall suspects at this point what is going on with Freyda, but he chooses to say nothing and let events play out because telling Sookie will only make her do something to help Eric and put her in danger. He knows Eric is more than able to handle what is to come.

    This is what I believe based on the text. It’s a story that can be wrapped up in 300 pp and will give Sookie a context in which she can forgive Eric. If Sookie realizes that Eric is doing all of this so that Sookie won’t be taken to LV away from her family and friends and/or otherwise punished, I believe it will change how she sees thinks. If she understands this is what he thought about when he said she could stop all of this, including their pain, by using the CD, she will be more forgiving.

    After all, it was Sookie herself who noticed how different Eric was when he revealed the Freyda mess to her in DR. “Eric looked abashed, an expression I’d never thought to see on his face.” “He looked away, his face stiff with a resentment he’d never expressed before.” He looked at my face as if he were reading a map. “Though I believe it would be,” he said softly. “Sookie, I swear to you that since I received the letter, I have done everything I could to stop this. I have pleaded that Ocella’s death should cancel the arrangement; I have said that I’m happy where I am; I have even put forward our marriage as a bar. And as my regent, Victor could plead that his wishes supersede those of Ocella, and that I’m too useful to him to leave the state.” “Oh, no.” I found myself finally able to speak, though only in a whisper. “Oh, yes,” Eric said bitterly.

    There are a couple of things here. By Sookie’s own account, Eric acts differently about this than she has ever seen him. More important I think is this line – “And as my regent, Victor could plead that his wishes supersede those of Ocella” Eric reaches out to FDC, whose wishes also supercede Ocella’s. And FDC now has nothing to gain by this marriage being made and maintained. This I think is the key. It’s not Ocella’s contract, although that’s certainly being held out as the rouse when Eric says it’s legally binding, it’s FDC’s wishes. He needs an in to get those oil wells from Freyda and build his little empire back up and he has only one way to do that – Eric. Eric can get in because Freyda opened the door and once the door is open, FDC, who as Eric’s king will most certainly be there, can make his move. PT tried to do the same to SA. If FDC works it right, he’ll get the land without paying the price (he’ll have to show how Freyda betrays him). Remember, his wishes supersede those of Ocella and even Eric himself.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on how it will play out in roughly 300 pp based on the texts.

    CH has to give us a way to get rid of the block (Freyda) and have Sookie forgive Eric (protecting her from harm and setting a plot in motion to get rid of Freyda). She’s clearly set that up.

    As far as I’m concerned, she has paved the way for HEA and it’s right in front of us.


  8. cw says:

    What is the law in America regarding arrange marriage? Do America recognise other cultures marriage ritual? I know Eric said the contract is iron clad, there’s no way out and bla…bla….Maybe the solution without bloodshed is to contest the marriage in American court. Which comes first? The knife ritual or the contract? Are vampires American citizen now? eric certainly pay taxes and we know LA recognise vamp human marriages in DAG. If the knife ritual comes first, then the contract is meaningless. Thoughts, ladies?


    • Zanne says:

      Vampire law is the type that was handed out at the summit. The kind Sophie Anne faced over Peter T. If he says up yours to the contract, they’ll haul him in front of Ancient Pythoness and have him staked. The vampires are very old fashioned and marriages are contracts to them, not love matches. Love matches are consorts (see also Talbot, Hadley). Eric marrying Sookie was highly unusual. I don’t think any vampire gives a fig for American law, they have more to worry about from their own court system.


      • cw says:

        I know they don’t give a fig, but should they have two sets of laws? Which law is applicable if the two party is of different species(?), race(?) I have not a clue how CH is going to get Eric out of it convincingly. Sorry for the legal questions but it’s possible she could go this route. Maybe this Bethany Z lady will be key person.


        • reneerich says:

          I have been thinking the same thing. Is there a loophole somewhere and is there someone who can find it. Is Mr. Cataliades due to make an appearance in this last book? Didn’t he serve as QSA’s attorney?


          • cw says:

            I read too much John Grisham:) Eric did said the contract is iron clad, no loophole but it could be argued that the contract is null and void if it takes place after the knife ritual. Besides, the contract is unlawful in modern America, isn’t it. It’s slavery. Wouldn’t look good for vampire PR. Btw who are these vampire league people? Maybe Eric and his crew are at the summit for Victor and Eric trying to contest the contract. That’s when all Sookie’s “friends” repay her for all the things she did for them without payment. Mr C is QSA counsel yes, but he couldn’t be bothered to help Sookie. I think he knows about the conract. He’s a lousy sponsor, he knows she’s suffering. Maybe they all will help her in this last book.


  9. Zanne says:

    but it could be argued that the contract is null and void if it takes place after the knife ritual

    Even Vampire Sovereign to Vampire Sovereign marriages are only valid for 100 years. And Eric and Sookie have already been over this. If a vampire sovereign offers a marriage contract to a vampire’s maker or king/regent, that higher level vampire can accept it and the vampire must comply. Sookie and Eric talked about this. This is very similar to the Common Law that existed until around 1900 around the world (and in fact still exists in much of the world). The basic premise of the common law is that children belong to parents like property (as do wives, hence the term Mrs which legally equates to subject to Mr.) and all subjects belong to the government (whether sovereignty or not) like chattel. We are accorded a certain amount of freedoms that vary by government, but this would be why you couldn’t choose to commit suicide for instance and why the government could lock you up for it. You don’t have the right to kill a subject of that government including yourself. It’s also the premise behind why you can be conscripted or drafted to “serve” your country by fighting a war for them. In the past this included the ability of parents and governments (most notably Kings and Queens) to force their children or subjects to marry whomever they chose. The concept of marrying who we want has only been around a little over 100 years and even now there are restrictions (in many states a man can’t marry a man or a woman marry a woman). Even as recently as the 1960′s an African American couldn’t marry a Caucasian. But getting back to your point, the Vampire law by the way SA, the summit, Pam and even Eric explain it is very similar to the Common Law pre-1900 so no, the knife ceremony wouldn’t hold up. If a better match could be made, it was routine to set aside the existing match.

    I know they don’t give a fig, but should they have two sets of laws? Which law is applicable if the two party is of different species(?), race(?)

    On paper, US law, but it’s been stated in the books that the vampires only give the appearance of this as suits them and follow their own laws. That’s why they divide up the US. This is not legal either, but they do it.

    As to Sookie, if she were to file suit (and this would be a civil case as marriage is a civil contract and subject to civil laws), there wouldn’t even be proof of a recognized marriage so she’d have no basis for that. If Eric were to do that with Ocella’s contract, he’d have to have the contract (which he does not) in order to prove it exists, file in the place where the contract was made (which is trickey because I believe it was made in OK and Eric is not a citizen of that state) and air all of the vampire dirty laundry – at which point you can rest assured that he’d be killed by the summit. Look what happened to the other vampires who embarassed them.

    As for Cataliades, he is a lawyer for all the Supes as well as Sookie’s sponsor so he has to walk a fine line. Sookie can’t pay him much and she has no leg to stand on in the Supe world. Besides, Cataliades is from that old world. He can barely scratch up tears for his own child so I think it’s a stretch that he’d get involved in this just because Sookie’s feelings are hurt. He might negotiate with Felipe to keep her in Bon Temps but I doubt he’d go farther than that.

    The one who could be compelled to help is Niall. Niall consistently asked Sookie what she wanted. If she told him she wanted this taken care of with Eric (and he got past the fact that she didn’t want it badly enough to use the CD and wasted it on Sam rather than giving it to Niall), he would be a formidable enemy. Eric himself said if there was ever a war between faeries and vampires that Niall would be the first one he’d take out. That’s not to say that Eric won’t ask Niall to be the one to take out QOK if there’s a takeover. They can all say “Niall did it!” and Niall can close the portal. Eric and FDC are off the hook and Niall is safe. That’s a pretty clean way to wrap that up. FDC can swoop in and take it over, forgive the Victor debacle and they can all live HEA.


    • KCScout says:

      Except that FdC has proven himself disloyal and untrustworthy. Maybe you should flip the takeover to Freyda with the agreement that Eric and Sookie are protected by making Karin the regent of LA?


    • cw says:

      I know a bit about the earlier history about woman and children being a property. No country in this world really have that law anymore. What I’m trying to say is that Sookie and Eric can argue that since they want to be seen mainstreaming, they at least should try. Lots of people knows that Sookie and Eric are married, Sam, Pam, felipe, Bill(?). There’s no point of Eric bringing the contract issue if the doesn’t have a copy of the contract is it? He combed through it to know that he can’t get out of it. In Commonwealth countries, marriage ceremonies conducted according to one or both parties custom is recognised by the law. Just like de facto relationships. As for them dividing America, that was done 200 years ago before they come out. Isn’t it high time to join the modern society.. They could still use the penal code(criminal law) but other civil dispute should be according the current law of the country. I know the books have detail accounts of supe law and they don’t give a care about human law. Isn’t the book about telerance and acceptance? It shows, even the minorities is not free of prejudice. Eric have to set aside Sookie. They always said vamp first, and Eric and Pam have shown that they are changing this mindset.

      KCS is right, Felipe is untrustworthy. There’s still a chance that Freyda can be convinced to accept a substitute. There must be a reason for Niall mentioning that even eric’s other child is no match to Eric. As for Mr. C? He’s the one that thinks that telepathy might give Fintan’s descendants a headstart. He have responsibility to look after Sookie. He owes her that much. SA is dead now. Who is he working for now? Felipe? I am sick of these people taking and taking from Sookie but didn’t step forward when she is in need. I hope they do this in the last book to get what she wanted most, to be with Eric.


      • Zanne says:

        I know a bit about the earlier history about woman and children being a property. No country in this world really have that law anymore

        Seriously? CW, One in every five girls in the developing world is married by the age of 18. One in seven marries before they reach the age of 15. In countries like Niger, Chad, Mali, Bangladesh, Guinea and the Central African Republic (CAR), the rate of early and forced marriage is 60 per cent and over. Child brides are particularly prevalent in South Asia (46 per cent) and in sub-Saharan Africa (38 per cent).

        Countries with the highest rates of early and forced marriage in Europe include Georgia (17 per cent), Turkey (14 per cent) and Ukraine (10 per cent). At least 10 per cent of adolescents marry before the age of 18 in Britain and France.

        Early and forced marriage in Africa
        Some countries in Africa are amongst those with the highest proportion of early marriage, including Niger, Chad, Mali, Guinea, Central African Republic, Mozambique and Malawi. Sub-Saharan Africa has the second highest rate of early and forced marriage. 14.3 million girls in the region become child brides (are married before they reach 18). Among the countries where the rate of early and forced marriage exceeds 70 per cent – Niger, Chad and Mali – adolescent fertility and maternal mortality rates are also high.

        Much of the world views children and women as property. And the vampires are feudal in their thinking. Sookie says herself over and over.

        Anyway, I’m not speculating about how I want the vamps to act with Sookie or Eric. Neither Felipe or Freyda would just let Eric say no. If they stake him, he disintegrates and there’s nothing to prove what they did. They could kill Sookie in a second. They could care less about Sookie’s feelings. And at the end of the day, Sookie made the decision to get involved in their world and stay there. She certainly knew how they were early on.


        • cw says:

          Zanne, sorry if i showed my ignorance on this issue. I’m from SEA and I’ve heard, read stories of underage arranged marriage in my country and the backlash the idiot parents get. I didn’t deny it happens but I’m not sure if it is in their law and it sertainly not in my country.The cases that happens in my country, they are always contested, in court or by their community. Maybe I’m just blessed that I come form a community that values choice.

          Anyway, i’m just talking about America. Ignore what i said about other countries and just assume that these vampires can also listen to reasons. We don’t know about Freyda that much, but she must be special enough to come to power at a very early age for a vampire. She came to see Sookie for herself, she did her research on Sookie. She’s smart enough to assess the situation to find out what’s holding Eric in LA, I’m sure she’s smart enough to think that an unwilling partner is not a good partner.

          I’m sorry if I offended you.


          • Zanne says:

            CW, no worries. I am with you that I am so glad I never had to deal with the bad tings with which some women deal. As for the plot, You and I both know that this could go either way or another way. CH is after all The Maker so she can write it how she wants. If we didn’t keep guessing, it wouldn’t be any fun, right? Freyda could be the one Eric pulls a fast one with if she could be trusted. The more I think on what you said, the more I think CH could go this way if Freyda gave Eric LA and she took Pam or Karin as her second. She could even put Karin or Pam in one of the other states. Right now I don’t think so because FDC has so much land and is obviously so power hungry (taking over SA’s territory so aggressively), but the plot can turn on a dime.

            So we’ll see which way the wind blows soon. Less than two months to go now!


          • krtmd says:

            No worries if you prefer the blog, but you might want to consider taking this discussion into the forum, where discussion isn’t so hampered by the limitations of the reply features, etc. Members are free to start new discussion threads. :-D


  10. Zanne says:

    Except that Freyda wants Eric so that wouldn’t be much of a HEA. And no one knows if she is trustworthy. Based on the other Sovereigns it’s pretty safe to say that none of them should be assumed to be trusted.


    • reneerich says:

      No way is that heifer trustworthy. She went behind Eric’s back and called in Eric’s “Dad”, arranged legal documents and offered him some type of finder’s fee for giving up his “son.” It’s definitely safe to say any agreement would not be adhered to for long if at all.
      As for Karin, I am so curious as to what her role is going to be. She must be rather formidable since Niall states that NOT EVEN she rivals her maker. (Deadlocked pg. 306)


      • Zanne says:

        Karin is one of the interesting things I want to read about. Honestly, I like Niall’s take most of all. He’s such an oddity the way he can hang out with the vampires and has this relationship with Eric.


    • KCScout says:

      I think Freyda could be convinced she doesn’t need a consort, she needs a strong second and unambitious ally.


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