The Blood Bond

“The maker-child relationship is the strongest. It never weakens, but it’s different in nature. If Sookie and Eric never saw each other again, never took each others’ blood again, their bond would eventually weaken and dispel. The tie between the maker or sire and the new vampire is unbreakable except by death. Yes, if Eric were to be staked, Appius and Pam would both feel it, and Sookie would feel his absence emotionally and know he was in pain, though she would not actually experience it” (July 2009).

Q: Most Eric and Sookie fans just love the idea of the blood bond, but you’ve said in some earlier interviews that you regret using it. Do you still feel that way, and why…?

CH: Oh, gosh, yes. I just… not because I hate the bond itself, but because I hate the attempts to explain it. You know, I just get really tired of that, and it turns out to be so hard to explain. I mean, it seems that – not all readers, but some – expect it to be like 3+4=7. And so if you do this, and you do that, you come out with the same result every time. And it’s just not like that. It’s, as you know, as difficult as spreading some diseases – as chancey as any connection between people. (April 2011 – Interview with )

Q: I’ve been told you no longer answer questions about the blood bond that existed between Eric and Sookie until it was magically broken in Dead Reckoning. I had hoped, however, that you would address the issue in The Sookie Stackhouse Companion, if for no other reason, then to settle the issue for fans once and for all. Why did you choose not to address this topic in The Companion?

A: I have answered questions about the blood bond ad nauseum. I’ve explained it frequently, in the books and in interviews. I’ve just grown tired of trying to pin down something mystical, to readers’ satisfactions. (September 07 2011, source)

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