5.01 – Major Casting Call

October 27, 2011 in Episodes, True Blood

A huge casting call has appeared for Episode 1 of season 5, entitled “Turn, Turn, Turn”.

Oh Hai, Vampire Tara?

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Episode #501, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

[RIKKI] In her mid 20s, a dirty-beautiful werewolf, she demands to know what’s become of the pack leader…RECURRING
[J.D.] 50s, a particularly large Marine-type werewolf, he refuses to bow down before the new pack leader…1 speech, 1 scene RECURRING
[ANNIE] In her late 40s, maybe 50, she’s a powerful, respected werewolf within the pack due to her late son’s position. She’s determined to perform a particular ritual…RECURRING
[JUDGE CLEMENTS] 50ish, corrupt, a former athlete whose body has been neglected, this judge radiates power and uses his position to get a speeding ticket for his son fixed…3 speeches & 2 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING
[ROCKY] 16, Caucasian, a hunter, he is Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) eldest son who doesn’t think very highly of Holly…7 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING
[WADE] 14, Caucasian, a hunter, he is Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) youngest son who is still willing to give Holly the benefit of the doubt…5 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING (22)
[DANIELLE] This female werewolf wonders how much longer a prisoner is going to last under interrogation…1 line, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURING
[KENNETH] This male werewolf thinks a prisoner is stubborn and may not crack soon…1 line, 1 scene (40) POSSIBLE RECURRING
[CAT] 40, a vampire with no sense of humor, she’s part of an underground railroad for vampires…2 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING
[CAMMY] This sorority girl with an especially hot body takes a liking to Jason (Ryan Kwanten) at a party and assumes they’ll be having sex…GUEST STAR
[ZANDER] A particularly handsome frat boy, he feels an instant attraction to Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) at a party. They enjoy playing Rock Band 3 and singing a Jimi Hendrix song together…
[FRAT BOY #1] This frat boy enjoys playing drinking games at a party…3 lines, 2 scenes
[SORORITY GIRL #1] She attends a house party and declares Jessica the coolest vampire she’s ever met…3 lines, 2 scenes
[HAYES] A large vampire of Eastern European descent, he is dispatched by the Authority to give the True Death to some other vampires…3 lines, 2 scenes
[BUDDY] In his early 20s, a road crew member and a friend of Hoyt’s, he mocks Jason with the other guys…2 lines, 1 scene
[TEAM CAPTAIN #2 / DONNIE] Seen in flashback, this 6th grade boy bullies Sookie and is very angry and disturbed when she reveals something private about his life…3 lines, 1 scene
[TEAM CAPTAIN #1] Seen in flashback, this 12-year-old boy is a bully who doesn’t pick Sookie for his kick ball team…1 line, 1 scene.

Season 5 Casting News

October 18, 2011 in Eric Northman, Secondary Characters, True Blood

If you feel almost ready to drag yourselves out of your Season 4 PTSD-state for a moment, the first interesting casting calls are out for Season 5.

[SALOME] 20 to 40. THE Salome from the Bible. Dark haired with dark features, exotic looking, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and /or African. An ancient vampire who is a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent. She also has quite a lot of madness in her. She is the most powerful person in every way yet capable of hiding this power when it serves her purposes. Series Regular. Possible nudity.

Bookies recognise the name of this character from Book 5, Dead As A Doornail – she was summoned by Eric to assist with her batshit crazy child Mickey when he got all mean and nasty with Tara. Her name will no doubt be where her similarity to the book character begins and ends.

The Bible refers to two women by the name of Salome – one was a belly dancer who demanded the head of John the Baptist on a platter; the other was the mother of the disciples James and John, and was present at the crucifixion of Christ. Either way, it’s safe to peg this particular vampire at around two thousand years old.

And of course, she’s mad as a cut snake. OF COURSE SHE IS. She’s a woman, after all.

[NORA] 25 to 35. Beautiful, any race, centuries old. A double agent working within the Vampire Authority. Eric’s vampire “sister” – a progeny of Godric. Intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar. She loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose. Series Regular. Possible nudity.

And here comes Bill’s Eric’s vampire sister, demonstrating once again that every aspect of Book Bill/Eric and True Blood Bill/Eric is completely interchangeable because that’s why people watch.

I wonder if Nora’s connection to the Authority makes her one of Eric’s “friends in high places” mentioned by Bill in season 4. Because you KNOW that if Eric has a sister with some clout in the Authority, Bill will have known about it first.

Episode 4.09 – “Run”

April 7, 2011 in 4.09 Let's Get Out of Here, Episodes, True Blood

Some new casting calls are out:

[JOYCE WATNEY] 20, this self-satisfied young woman “who Loves the sound of her own, bleeding-heart voice” hosts the “Just Say No to Hate” festival of tolerance and media event, to join together vampires and humans in common cause. She’s proud of founding the “Living Dead Student Alliance” at her school. 3 speeches & 1 line, 1 scene

[DEALER] A male V dealer in his mid 20s, he meets a customer in a seedy alley and warns her against taking too much V. He’s disturbed by the customer’s appetites. 3 lines, 1 scene.


Since when did Bon Temps become Mystic Falls? And who is hitting up the local street pharmacist? It is a “she”… Perhaps Ms. Pelt?

The episode to which these below belong to are unknown:

“Effeminate”, Choir Director TRUE BLOOD 4/11/2011 THRU 4/29/2011, Background / Male / Caucasian / 35 – 70 / A skinnier, Caucasian Guy who is “Sleight” and Effeminate to play a Southern Choir Director. This is a great Character; looking for great Character Faces.

Southern Church Choir Members TRUE BLOOD 4/11/2011 THRU 4/29/2011, Background / Male or Female / AfricanAm, Caucasian / 25 – 80 / Character types to play a Southern Church Choir on True Blood. All types, but focusing on Interesting faces, and body types.

Southern Types that are OK with Night Calls in Calabasas TRUE BLOOD 4/11/2011 THRU 4/29/2011, Background / Male or Female / AfricanAm, Caucasian, Hispanic / 25 – 65 / Some interesting Southern Character types as well as Some Attractive people for a featured bit. Must be ok with All Night calls in Calabasas.


“Run” is an interesting song title choice for episode 9, of course if I have my preferences it would be Leona Lewis’s cover of Snow Patrol’s song. Regardless of which version, the lyrics are reminiscent to me of AmnesiaEric right before the witch war begins, which could easily fit in with the our basic conjectures of the season’s timeline.

From Dead to the World:

“We could go back…we could go back to your house. I can stay with you always. We can know each other’s bodies in every way, night after night. I could love you.” His nostrils flared, and he looked suddenly proud. “I could work. You would not be poor. I would help you.”
“Sounds like a marriage,” I said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. But my voice was too shaky.
“Yes,” he said.”

Leona Lewis’s version of “Run.”

Snow Patrol’s version of “Run.”

Oh and ironies of ironies, Lewis’ version was on The Vampire Diaries.


Episode 4.08 – “Spellbound”

March 30, 2011 in True Blood

New casting calls are out with some interesting nuggets. For starters Maxine is still alive, but Bill interrupts her conversation with a reporter to score an interview? Go figure.

TRUE BLOOD, Episode 408, “Spellbound”
Writer: Alan Ball
Director: Daniel Minahan
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Approx. 4/11/11

[VIRGIL] 35 years old, a harshly handsome blue collar Caucasian man with a cold and ruthless streak, Virgil is seen in a flashback to the 1930s. Guest star.

[REPORTER] Female, a local TV news reporter, she is delighted when Bill shows up to interrupt her conversation with Maxine. Charmed by Bill, she’s more than willing to give Bill a public forum. 1 speech & 5 lines, 3 scenes.

[RITA] In her 40s, an attractive maternal woman. 1 line, 1 scene.


As for which song the title could refer to, its probably anyone’s guess. There’s a fair few with that name.

So I’m going with Siouxsie And The Banshees’ version.

Godric…or is it Yoda?…Returns. Again.

February 25, 2011 in Godric, True Blood

TVLine are reporting today that we will be seeing yet more of Godric in season 4 of True Blood.

TVLine has exclusively learned that Allan Hyde will reprise his role as Eric’s late, forever young-looking maker when the HBO drama resumes this summer.
The duration and exact timing of his stint are unknown. It’s also unclear what form the onetime vampire sheriff of Area 9 will take given that he succumbed to the worst sunburn in history during season 2. (He returned briefly from the great beyond in the season 3 finale to deliver a message to Eric.)

Alan Ball isn’t offering too many clues, except to say that fans will see “a different side of Godric.”

A different side of Godric huh? Well, I’m all for that, since the side we saw in Season 3 made me want to dress him in his Sunday best and take him to church.

When we feel the need to do that with a vampire, SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT.

Godric wasn’t always the peace loving, suicidal vampire we first met in Season 2 – “A vampire is never at the mercy of his emotions – he dominates them.” And Eric has made more than one indirect reference to their history together. The DVD extras state that Godric and Eric hunted around battlefields, feeding on the dead and dying. Some flashbacks in this vein would make for an illuminating contrast to Bill and Lorena’s Chicago bloodbath flashbacks in season 2, no?



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