Eric Northman & The Deathly Hallow, Part II

July 12, 2011 in Amnesia Eric, Eric Northman, Secondary Characters, True Blood

We’re back with the sequel! And you didn’t even have to wait a year!

In Part 1 of Eric Northman & The Deathly Hallow, we covered a possible connection between Antonia, Tara, Russell and the Tony/Toni scenes; as well as a possible mythological connection with Mari Ann that could wrap up this Inquisition stuff neatly if the True Blood writers did their homework right.

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Eric Northman & the Deathly Hallow

July 8, 2011 in Amnesia Eric, Eric Northman, Mythology, Secondary Characters, True Blood

It’s the Boy Who Lived! The Chosen One! – The fact that True Blood‘s “Season of the Witch” just so happens to coincide with the release of the final installment of Harry Potter? BLESS THIS TRANSITIONY GOODNESS.

Yet thus far on the show we’ve been left wondering what exactly the deal is with the witches, and how they relate to the Viking. Certainly Ball has beefed up the justification for the witch war from the original premise in Dead to the World - reasoning, as even the most rabid bookie might admit, that witches coming after Eric only for his money, territorial grudges, and a good screw might come off as implausible. Not to mention kinda uncouth. Besides, Yvetta has already been there, done that. And how. Abroom-chee. I’ll be here all the week, folks!

Umkay, moving on.. I’m going to try and pull a lot of stuff together to see if anything sticks. It’s spaghetti tossing time! You in? What do we know about witches and their grudges so far on True Blood? Make sure your arms and legs remain tucked inside the vehicle at all times, it might be a bumpy ride….

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Hallow, Marnie!

November 9, 2010 in Secondary Characters, True Blood

Announced earlier today, the casting of accomplished Irish actress Fiona Shaw as Marnie – better known as Hallow.

You may remember Hallow as the bitchy witchy who went to extraordinary lengths to punish Book Eric for his refusal to get in her pants and succumb to her attempted extortion.

I like to think of her more as a benefactor who unwittingly gifted us with “Eric Stripped Bare”, and the promise that we are rooting for the right team.

Whatever floats your boat, right?

Shaw has an extensive list of film roles to her credit, and is already well known for her role as Harry’s aunt in the Harry Potter films.

Although a little older than her book counterpart, I’m really feeling this Hallow. She looks almost exactly like I picture her character and like Denis O’Hare before her, we are once again getting a villain with the chops to make us squirm.

Calling Hallow – First S4 Casting Call

October 21, 2010 in Secondary Characters, True Blood

This was passed on by someone in the know – it hasn’t appeared online yet, but the source swears it’s legit and that it was released to agents this morning.

Being that filming for Season 4 is due to commence in five weeks or so, I would expect casting for the big parts to be starting now so I’m fairly confident this is the real deal.

At any rate, it should be confirmed by the usual suspects shortly.

EDIT: This is now confirmed.

[MARNIE] Late 20′s to early 30′s. A storefront medium and palm reader. Mousy, timid and secretly self loathing until she is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch. SERIES REGULAR.

It would seem that the were-witch-pumped-on-V angle is being tossed in favour of a possession.

Alan Ball also revealed a little while back that Hallow will be a necromancer…the plot thickens!

Image: aecr

Hallow the Necromancer – S4 Spoiler

August 18, 2010 in Comic Con, True Blood

Alan Ball confirmed at Comic Con recently that the character of Hallow – a major character in Dead to the Word – will play a big role in Season 4 of True Blood.

Ball has elaborated on his plans for Hallow in this little spoiler unleashed today by Ausiello:

Series creator Alan Ball reveals that he’ll be introducing Hallow Stonebrook, the were-sorceress from Charlaine Harris’ fourth Sookie novel, Dead to the World. Preferring to refer to the character as a necromancer, the boss man says she’s “actually a medium. She communicates with the dead, and she’s interested in developing further powers.”

Among other things, a necromancer can communicate with and sometimes raise the dead. How this ability will play into the plot line for season 4 – and whether or not it will be tied to Eric’s inevitable amnesia episode – remains to be seen.

Random speculation: According to Denis O’Hare, Russell is sticking around for at least some of season 4. Perhaps Hallow’s introduction is an attempt by Russell to raise Talbot – he’s carting him around in a jar and TALKING TO HIM after all. Maybe it’s just me…but this behaviour is probably a huge red flag that dude is going to have some problems “letting go”.

Eric’s amnesia may be instigated by Hallow on Russell’s behalf, as retribution for the staking of his beloved.

That’s today’s theory, anyway!

What do you think about Hallow’s extra powers, and how do you see season 4 playing out?

Image: merletto tumblr

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