Dead Reckoning – Walmart Review

Who’d have thought Walmart would turn out to be the Bearer of Good Spoilers? Not me, that’s for sure.

Forum member LKC picked up the May edition of Walmart’s Book Page brochure while out and about today. And it happens to contain a rather spoilery account of Dead Reckoning, due out on May 3.

Do NOT click through the jump if you don’t want to know.

You have been warned.

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Ten of the Best – Eric

Time for a fun post! With months to kill until we get our hands on Dead Reckoning, I’m starved for some book talk.

First up – ten of my favorite Book Eric quotes and why I love them.

I’ve steered away from some of the usual suspects on a list like this . . . → Read More: Ten of the Best – Eric

“Why the hell don’t you get your driveway fixed?”

True Blood Sookie, why the hell don’t you get your HOUSE fixed? That’s what we really want to know.

It looks like Sookie’s house will be getting some long overdue TLC early in season 4:

Sookie’s ( Anna Paquin) mansion has been a shambles ever since Maryann used it as the center of her . . . → Read More: “Why the hell don’t you get your driveway fixed?”

Best Eric and Sookie Scene

Best Sookie/Eric Moment

This poll is reserved for scenes during which all parties are fully cognizant! Dream sequences will be included in a later poll.


In one of the season’s first scenes Sookie barrels into Fangtasia, insults Pam, and heads straight for the dungeon . . . → Read More: Best Eric and Sookie Scene

Get out your tissues

I know the last two weeks have been rough for us – much fuckery has been committed in the last two episodes and I know many of you aren’t looking forward to an improvement in the situation next week, either.

I think we could all do with a boost, so here’s some new videos . . . → Read More: Get out your tissues

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