(Almost) Sunday Skars

August 13, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Other Projects, Shameless Fangirling

I know it’s not Sunday yet, but THIS will not wait.

So you know what happens to your ovaries when you see a 6″4, blond hunk of Swedish manmeat just standing around on the corner….

Or how about when said hunk of Swedish manmeat is getting his fatherly on with a cute kid?

Well, that is happening to me RIGHT NOW.

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Sunday Skars does Interview

May 29, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Shameless Fangirling

I’ve had a fondness for this mag for many years – they always do something edgy and interesting with their subjects and it looks like Skars’ appearance in the next issue of Interview will be no exception.

Here’s a sneak peak of the June/July cover shot by Steven Klein, and accompanying interview by Win Butler. We will, of course, update the Skarsporn when a better image is available.

Any guesses on the source of their inspiration for this? Just sayin’.

The glove. Ummmm…I’m slightly dying here.

Here’s a little bite of the interview:

SkarsgÄrd, whose turn as vampiric overlord Eric Northman has many fans hot and bothered, explained that for him, the roles that ARE interesting are those that represent a facet of his own personality.

“In a weird way, I always play myself, just through different mirrors,” he said. “If I read a script and I don’t connect with a character, if I can’t find the character on the page in my soul, then I’m not going to be able to do a good job.”

Read some more at NY Daily News – hopefully the full interview will be online soon.

Sunday Skars – Show Us Your Guns

April 24, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Shameless Fangirling

Bless me father, for I have sinned.

And on Easter Sunday, no less.

It’s NOT MY FAULT that Skars has been parading around all week in skimpy gym wear.

It’s NOT MY FAULT that said skimpy gymwear has provided an optimal view of his very HARD and ERECT nipples.

It’s NOT MY FAULT that I have been gawking at this for days now, and have no intention of stopping…like, EVER.

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Sunday Skars – Paley Edition

March 6, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Shameless Fangirling

With more spoilers and goodies than we can poke a stake at, this weekend has been enough to send even the most hardcore among us into a near meltdown.

Have you have enough yet?


Scrubs up pretty well, doesn’t he?

Images from SkarsgardNews Tumblr. Visit them for more.

Sunday Skars

February 27, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Shameless Fangirling

Our boy has been rather busy dodging the paps this week…which means a smorgasboard of eye candy for us Swede-deprived fangirls.

These pics surfaced tonight from some wanky cocktail party that appears to be loosely connected to the Oscars…or something.

Who the hell cares, the BLACK TRENCH IS OUT!


More after the cut.

More Skarsporn, Please….

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