New Episode Preview – Do It. DO IT!!

July 29, 2011 in 4.06 I Wish I Was the Moon, Episodes, Tara, True Blood, video

Naomi is seeing Tara’s true colors, and she no likey.

I’m hoping she throttles her to death…but you know THAT ain’t gonna happen.

Hopefully there will be a couple more of these previews coming, we will update as they come to hand.

Best Franklin Mott Moment – Day 4

September 26, 2010 in Franklin Mott, Polls, Rehab For Rabids - Season 3, Tara, True Blood

Best Franklin Mott Moment

RIP You Huge Freak






Franklin Mott – For Your Entertainment

July 21, 2010 in Franklin Mott, True Blood, video

Many moons ago when the first casting calls for season 3 began to trickle out, many of us here heaved a collective sigh at the news that Franklin Mott would be cast to terrorise Tara this year. After suffering through a Tara-Maryanne arc that lasted about 8 episodes longer than it should have, the thought of spending back-to-back seasons watching her deal with another supe fucking with her head was more than our fragile little psyches could stand.

I am happy to admit that I WAS WRONG.

(And I’m not one to admit that often you know – just ask my other half).

The wonderful southernsugar found this Franklin fanvid and posted it on the forum. I’ve watched this like 10 times now, and I’m still laughing.

Franklin Mott has been the stand out surprise so far this year. He’s quickly shaping up to be season three’s Godric – just like Godric, he’ll go out in a blaze of glory, there will be universal fan outcry…and we’ll probably be subjected to multiple Tara flashbacks in season 4, as the writers languish in their regret at having once again prematurely ejaculated in the name of shock and awe.

Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Frankie is a HUGE FREAK and we love him. If only for the fact that his mere presence in Tara’s scenes has made her tolerable once more.

Source: Sparralex

Season 3 Promo – Tara and Franklin Mott

April 5, 2010 in Tara, True Blood, video

Here’s the latest season 3 snippet from HBO which has just aired.

Hands up who is over the Tara Drama?

She was so much more interesting before she had men in her life. Sigh.


True Blood – Franklin Mott Cast

December 15, 2009 in True Blood

More casting news for season three today, with the announcement of The Tudor’s actor James Frain as Tara’s next love interest, Franklin Mott.

The casting call describes the vampire as having an “immediate and torrid” connection to Tara. In Club Dead, Franklin played sugar-daddy to Tara for a while before becoming bored and “passing her on” to a far more dangerous and violent vampire named Mickey. Mickey roughed her up, cut her off from her friends and ultimately tried to kill both Tara and Sookie in a showdown at Sookie’s house.

I strongly suspect that they are planning to mix these two characters in True Blood, and Tara is in for another painful ride in season three. Get set to be tortured – Eggs style peeps.

I don’t know how much more whiny-victim, spineless Tara I can handle. Actually, I don’t know how much more Tara I can handle, period. She and Eggs had absolutely zero chemistry in season 2. By the end of the season I was scratching my head as to why she even gave a shit about him at all because I sure as hell didn’t. Such a pity, I loved her in season 1.

Sam’s mother, Melinda Mickens has also been cast. She’ll be played by L. Smith-Cameron.

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