The Truth Hurts – Charlaine Harris talks to SciFi Now

May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

There are plenty of things I could say about the interview Charlaine has given to UK Mag, SciFi Now.

But I’m saying nothing, because superlatives really aren’t required.

Just read this shit, roll around in it for a bit, and AND SAVOUR THE DAMN MOMENT.

If Alan Ball had kept his mouth shut, no one would have ever known about it…I don’t even want to go into [how Bill died] because every time I think about it I get mad at Alan. We’ve had such a great relationship, and that’s the only time I’ve ever gotten peeved at him.”

If only Alan Ball had done (or not done) a lot of things. I’m willing to bet that’s not the only time she’s ever gotten peeved at him.

“I try and stay away from it because even though I like to hear what the readers think, it’s not going to change any decisions. I think the TV series has had an influence over how people want it to end, because some readers are really in love with the TV depiction, and that may not match the characters that I actually wrote.”

What? What the hell now? The tv depiction of certain characters doesn’t match the characters that she actually wrote? Surely not! Charlaine might not have been joking when she said she’s heading into hiding after the last book. Some people just aren’t reading the books she’s writing…indeed.

I reclaim our beloved books from you, Ball…but keep talking, Charlaine, because it’s music to my ears.

Thanks to luvtheviking for the scans.

The Saga of Voodoo Bill

March 9, 2012 in Bill, Guest Posts, True Blood

Guest post by Deborah Harvey – you might know her as DH87.

As anyone who has seen my posts on Sookieverse knows, I’ve been one of the prime haters of True Blood Bill since the end of Season 1. Sick of my own constant mewling about how terrible the character is, I found a wholesome and creative outlet for my frustrations when last summer a fellow SVM fan pointed me to and “Psycho7772’s” handmade felt doll, Voodoo Bill. “Dislike Beel’s constant emo whining? Stick him with pins,” urged Voodoo Bill’s creator. That idea was so tempting that I immediately sent for my very own Voodoo Bill.

Once I had him in my hands, I had a stroke of “genius,” something Alan Ball would so relate to. How better to pay homage to Lafayette and Jesus’s Season 3 voodoo-doll dream than to reinterpret some of the best of True Blood, just as AB has re-envisioned the Southern Vampire Mysteries?

Initially, I’m sorry to say, I let the power go to my head. I vented some pent-up feelings of revenge, first, by dunking Voodoo Bill into an antique stoneware pickle pot, as befitting his nineteenth-century origins.

Read the rest of this entry →

Who’s Your Maker?

February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the lead up to her March appearance at the Mystery Writers of America’s SleuthFest in Florida, Charlaine Harris has given an intriguing interview to the Orlando Sentinel.

For reasons that probably don’t need to be raked over any more than they have already, we quit posting about True Blood on the main site here last September. As a fan of the books first and foremost, my appetite for watching the central themes and characterisations of the books torn up, set on fire and ceremonially pissed upon is simply not voracious enough to continue covering it season after season. Not while Alan Ball and his merry band of shock jocks repeatedly spit in the faces of fans who love the essence and spirit of the characters Charlaine Harris created.

For months now, book readers have expressed frustration at Charlaine’s general silence on issues surrounding the way Ball has handled her material – but in particular, the absolute desecration of Sookie that has never been more evident than it was in the certified clusterfuck that was Season 4.

If I could inject that hysterical hot mess of a season with five shots of Valium, strap it down to a gurney, and sign it into a bricked up institution that would guarantee me I’d never have to see it again – I would. I would do it in a fucking heartbeat.

But you know what? A quick perusal of this interview tells me we’re not the only ones who think a line has been crossed, and that this…

…Should mean SOMETHING.

For those of us who have been reading her interviews for a while, a distinct change in tone would be apparent in this one.

“I am the Creator”.

“I don’t write Anna Paquin – I write Sookie Stackhouse”.

The Sookie Stackhouse novels were selling well before the TV show.”

“Sookie…is growing, changing, She’s very strong. She’s a girl girl. She’d be OK on her own without a guy. She’d like to have a relationship. It’s not necessary to her happiness.”

“The [True Blood] story is very different from my story. It was never a Bill vs. Eric situation in my mind.”

Do you think she might feel a little disenchanted with Ball’s vision? Perhaps a bit annoyed at how angry, dependent and flaky True Blood Sookie is being portrayed? Or maybe just a little pissed off that Sookie’s story – the story of a woman finding her own feet in a supernatural world – has been reduced to little more than a romantic rivalry between two vampires who were NEVER, EVER intended to be equals in any universe, either real or imagined?

It’s not my place to judge Ms Harris for how she chooses to handle these things. Yet to a book fan, her oft-repeated references to Alan Ball’s “genius” have become increasingly grating over the years – as they’ve marched right alongside a bewildering, steadfast refusal to stand up and take ownership of this story and its characters as the products of her own imagination, first and foremost. I have no issue with Harris’ respect for the Ball’s vision, if that’s what flicks her Bic. I have no issue at all. But I’ve never understood why the superlatives for Ball were always the end of the sentence, or why she’s been so reluctant to follow them up with at least some claim of her own.

Harris wrote a series that has made the NYT best seller lists every single year since the release of Dead to the World in 2004 – long before she had the marketing monolith that is HBO behind her. That’s no small feat, and she has earned her stripes in publishing, just as Ball has earned his in film and television.

It’s high time Charlaine stood up and reclaimed these characters, because they are hers. It’s high time she made statements that clearly delineate between her books as the original, and Ball’s work as an interpretation, because that’s what it says in the fucking credits. I’m glad to see her doing both of these things in this interview – she’s been selling herself short alongside Ball for too long. The fans of her books – the readers who love them for what they are irrespective of HBO’s shock and awe treatment – need to hear her openly and unapologetically defend what is creatively and rightfully hers.

I sincerely hope this new found confidence represents a long overdue line in the sand. Charlaine has obviously profited from True Blood and like many authors, that has come only after relinquishing creative control. But that shouldn’t mean she has to smile and pretend to like it when her protagonist is reduced to a walking, talking, all-screwing contradiction; and her character arcs are swapped around like keys at a swinger’s party – with about as much regard for the long term consequences.

Read the full interview here, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Casting News – Nora

November 3, 2011 in Secondary Characters, True Blood

According to TVline, it looks like Lucy Griffiths will be playing Nora, Godric’s other progeny and Eric’s sister, introduced in these casting calls here.

Griffiths is most well known for her role as Marian in BBC’s Robin Hood, – You know,.. the version where Marian wore pants.

I can’t say I found her to be a stellar actress on that show, but her character was endearing. To be honest, I think she’s kind of adorable.

What do you think of this casting news and does this make you more interested in Season 5?

… even just a little bit?

5.01 – Major Casting Call

October 27, 2011 in Episodes, True Blood

A huge casting call has appeared for Episode 1 of season 5, entitled “Turn, Turn, Turn”.

Oh Hai, Vampire Tara?

Thanks to Bookies Love True Blood on Facebook.

Episode #501, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

[RIKKI] In her mid 20s, a dirty-beautiful werewolf, she demands to know what’s become of the pack leader…RECURRING
[J.D.] 50s, a particularly large Marine-type werewolf, he refuses to bow down before the new pack leader…1 speech, 1 scene RECURRING
[ANNIE] In her late 40s, maybe 50, she’s a powerful, respected werewolf within the pack due to her late son’s position. She’s determined to perform a particular ritual…RECURRING
[JUDGE CLEMENTS] 50ish, corrupt, a former athlete whose body has been neglected, this judge radiates power and uses his position to get a speeding ticket for his son fixed…3 speeches & 2 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING
[ROCKY] 16, Caucasian, a hunter, he is Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) eldest son who doesn’t think very highly of Holly…7 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING
[WADE] 14, Caucasian, a hunter, he is Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) youngest son who is still willing to give Holly the benefit of the doubt…5 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING (22)
[DANIELLE] This female werewolf wonders how much longer a prisoner is going to last under interrogation…1 line, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURING
[KENNETH] This male werewolf thinks a prisoner is stubborn and may not crack soon…1 line, 1 scene (40) POSSIBLE RECURRING
[CAT] 40, a vampire with no sense of humor, she’s part of an underground railroad for vampires…2 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING
[CAMMY] This sorority girl with an especially hot body takes a liking to Jason (Ryan Kwanten) at a party and assumes they’ll be having sex…GUEST STAR
[ZANDER] A particularly handsome frat boy, he feels an instant attraction to Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) at a party. They enjoy playing Rock Band 3 and singing a Jimi Hendrix song together…
[FRAT BOY #1] This frat boy enjoys playing drinking games at a party…3 lines, 2 scenes
[SORORITY GIRL #1] She attends a house party and declares Jessica the coolest vampire she’s ever met…3 lines, 2 scenes
[HAYES] A large vampire of Eastern European descent, he is dispatched by the Authority to give the True Death to some other vampires…3 lines, 2 scenes
[BUDDY] In his early 20s, a road crew member and a friend of Hoyt’s, he mocks Jason with the other guys…2 lines, 1 scene
[TEAM CAPTAIN #2 / DONNIE] Seen in flashback, this 6th grade boy bullies Sookie and is very angry and disturbed when she reveals something private about his life…3 lines, 1 scene
[TEAM CAPTAIN #1] Seen in flashback, this 12-year-old boy is a bully who doesn’t pick Sookie for his kick ball team…1 line, 1 scene.

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