“And When I Die” – Clips

September 9, 2011 in 4.12 And When I Die, Promo Video, True Blood, video

New clips are out for the finale. So far I’ve only been able to find two, I’ll update if there is a third.

First up, looks like Tommy Mickens-Merlotte get’s a funeral and we have a Maxine sighting. Right off the bat, one must wonder what Sam told her about how Tommy died. For now I presume it was a hero’s death that went tragically astray while fixing a light bulb though I do want to know why Sam doesn’t seem to be under any suspicion by Maxine at all.. Not that he would shoot his brother or anything.

On another note, while I loved Tommy this season, if they gave a funeral to each and every poor nitwit that died on the pool table at Merlotte’s, this show would suffer from more problems than it currently has. Therefore, I have to think there is something else to this scene than crying over spilt shifter. Shall it be interrupted by the natural gas man? Will one of the fairies walk out of the portal nearby to say amen? Or will Maxine and Sam merely wax poetic over Tommy who died two episodes ago?

Then we have Sookie who mysteriously decided work is a good idea and first thing back shrugs off her sideboard duties in order to listen to Alcide’s proposition involving brains and hearts. All Sookie intelligence jokes aside, Alcide, I can’t take you seriously when you’re making eyes at the girl’s rack like it’s the last pop tart on earth.

Also, if only he hadn’t seen her romping in the forest with Eric a few days ago storywise, this plea might make sense, but then again, I never really thought these two worked on the show except on the carnal level. Of course, there’s always that three-way MAS mentioned. Naah.

And here we are, the next to last stop on the True Blood crazy train. I can’t say my enthusiasm for this episode is the same as it was the premiere but I am looking forward to the finale since alls well that..well,… ends.

Comments, thoughts, last minute regrets? What do you think will happen in the final episode of Season Four?

Season Finale Preview

September 3, 2011 in Promo Video, True Blood, video

There’s a new promo out for the finale, which thankfully some Truebie was quick enough to rip before HBO yanked their version, probably due to a mistaken premature release. I’ve also included the ‘Death’ promo below if you haven’t seen it already.

So it appears in the finale at least one woman follows through on her convictions as Nan and her Spaceballs are at Bill’s door apparently with more-serious-than-usual vampire business. At least this makes sense of why Pam would need consoling by Ginger, but since Nan doesn’t appear to be messing around, I really don’t know how the Queen and his Sheriff are getting out of this, … other than by Sookie’s amazing fairy powers of convenience. And as a few of us speculated, that might appear to be a fairy standing next to Sookie while looking up at the pyre, but it may very well be Holly dressed just as ridiculously as the creatures on this show themselves.

As for other plot lines, Debbie seems to be in Sookie’s kitchen with her shotgun firing away, but I can’t discern who it is on the ground in that fake-out splicing sequence. Sam? Terry? I don’t know. I’m not sure if I care.

And then, … is Lafayette summoning the demon inside of Jesus to take down Antonia? For the love of everything sacred, Antonia doesn’t want to do this anymore!! Nevertheless, I suppose the befuddled witch can hold a grudge for a few more days if she somehow held her previous one for 400. I have to think this also proves whatever happens next episode at the Moon Goddess Emporium is ultimately futile in taking down her spirit but maybe not necessarily Marnie. At any rate, I’m calling it now RIP Marns, we hardly knew ye.

“Soul of Fire” – Clips

September 2, 2011 in 4.11 Soul of Fire, Promo Video, True Blood, video

As we endure in painful agony waiting for MASpencer’s recap of the last episode, the sneak peak clips for episode 11, “Soul of Fire,” are now available for your amusement.

First we have Lafayette observing Marnie as she barfs out Antonia’s spirit. Sookie and Tara thus discover Lala’s got some ‘splaining to do, and then they all watch the witch(es) cackle over the Plan. More waffling, excellent! Somebody break out the chips and dip so we can celebrate this new endless regurgitation development. Wait, no, on second thought that’s a bad idea, too many calories.

Next up, we have what might be my favorite line of the entire season. Or even the whole series.

“Fucking Sookie.”

I am in awe.

It just… so many levels! Brilliant!

And then we have Sam roughing up the help at the nearest Hell’s Angel’s chop-shop, proving once and for all what exactly dogs do to wolves. That is, until Alcide decides interject in order to run his mouth. Errrrrrrpp, pal, do you even know what you’re saying? Your girlfriend, as much as I love her honky tonk ass dearly, tried to kill someone. The fact that person lived does not make her murderous intentions any different. Also, look to your left. That guy killed two people. He is a murderer. Maybe you should take your white knight, moral high horse and shove it up your abs.

Well, bad things are going down in the Bon Temps area, per usual. But what do you think is going to happen in the penultimate episode of Season Four?

“Burning Down the .. *yawn.*

August 26, 2011 in 4.10 Burning Down the House, Promo Video, True Blood

For this week’s episode sneak peaks Tara’s got some rage, Andy’s got some V, and Jason’s got some guilt.

As if we didn’t know.

First I must admit my pleasant surprise at the continuity this time around, Tara’s hand is still burnt and now bandaged. I hope it hurts like hell, maybe if we’re lucky it will get infected. Holly has a plan though, so it looks like they both might live yet. Damn.

Next we have the drama-rama at the Bellefleur Manse with Arlene and Terry confronting the Sheriff of Bon Temps for his illicit drug use. Oh rich people problems! Sigh. Andy, Andy, Andy. This shit is painful. Please get help. It gets better.

Finally, Jess tries to tell Jason she’s a free woman and Jason tells Jess Hoyt walked with a cane when he hit puberty. There’s a third leg joke in there somewhere but more to the point, SO YOU CHEATED ON HIM, JASON? Oh lawdy, lawd, yous in trouble. One does not betray the friendship of the gangly and uncoordinated.

Now please excuse me, I have some grass I need to watch grow.

“Get da fuq out!” – Clips

August 19, 2011 in 4.09 Let's Get Out of Here, Promo Video, True Blood, video

New sneak peaks are out for episode 9, “Let’s Get Out of Here,” previously called “Run.” But if the TB producers can rename an episode so late in the season, then so can I. I’m alternatively dubbing it “GTFO.” Da fuq you, you say? Well, as we all know, trouble be brewing in Bon Temps yet everyone better run with a little more immediacy if they don’t want to get caught in the shit storms on the horizon.

The first clip features Reason No. 1298984 that Hoyt needs to die: how can he throw Jessica’s Taylor Swift CD or her copy of Twilight into a box so.. roughly??! Brute! Who is the real monster here! Oh and hai Mavis, nice baby you got there. (Quick, everyone hide! Maybe this plot line will go away if we ignore it!!)… Sadly, I think it is going to suck up a lot of attention next episode, as HBO released stills yesterday of Jason, Andy, Terry, and Arlene on a stakeout of what I’m assuming is Hoyt’s house.

Speaking of babes, Jessica is crying her brains out to Nan Flanagan over her trampled love life with Hoyt and Jason. It might be the worst night of her undead life, but I wish she’d practice safer handling of that paper-cutter. Don’t do it Jess, just ask Marnie, -cutting does not let the right ones in. Oh and by the way, kiddo, you may want to warn B-Compt before he gets home that his ass is grass. Nan is just waiting in his office, ready to bitch him out. Hurray, happy times are here again!

Lastly, it looks like Packmaster Marcus is officially going by one name now. Well, “Just Marcus,”… I think you’re going to beat the crap out of Tommy Mickens-Merlotte soon, and I’m looking forward to it. Meanwhile, Tommy, what the hell are you doing behind the bar? Where is Sam? He cut you out of his life for good. Maybe you’re just there to rob him (again), or reconcile with Sam (again). Whatever, we all know Tommy is twitching for a fight and while I usually like to bet on the underdog, I’m not feeling it this time around. Aww, well,.. Tommy couldn’t be awesome forever.


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