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August 12, 2011 in Random, True Blood

From Twitter, we now have official confirmation for Season 5 of True Blood.

Granted we’re only 7 episodes in to Season 4, are you excited for next year yet? #WaitingSucks

Thanks to Mony for the screengrab!

There is no word yet on which particular book next season may follow, though it is likely a culmination of several. As we all know, Dead as a Doornail is a little weak in plot and I know many don’t find it as interesting as later books such as All Together Dead or Dead and Gone. However I do think shades of characterizations, such as Eric and Sookie’s awkward phase post-amnesia, will play out similarly on the show as it does in the books. I wouldn’t dismiss the possible introduction of new characters like Quinn and maybe even Charles Twinning, who I feel will show up in some fashion eventually. And of course, StripperClaude and his throng of fairies are bound to pop back up again.

If there is more from an official press release, I’ll update this post. Until then, what do you think will happen next season?

“You broke my nose.”

June 26, 2011 in Promo Video, True Blood, video

A few new snippets from Season 4 are in “The Buzz.” Watch below.


First off, Amnesia Eric speaks! Well, he did before, its the second time we’ve heard him speak this season but nevertheless, he sounds adorably shocked that this Sookie person is so violent.

Secondly, – Sookie, why are you hitting Amnesia Eric???

Maybe “new and improved” Tara needs to teach Sookie some pointers this season on how to behave like a proper lady. Erm.. Or maybe not.

And could it be what I think it is… Sookie is perhaps washing Eric’s feet when Pam zooms in?

8 New Promo Clips

June 24, 2011 in 4.01 She's Not There, Promo Video, True Blood

Finally! Here are the 8 new promo clips released yesterday, which all appear to be from episode 1, “She’s Not There,” and whoops! also episode 2 “You Smell Like Dinner.” I almost feel like I’ve watched the whole 2 episodes now, you may want to look away if you’re saving yourself from spoiler whoredom, oh if only I could be so chaste!

Of all the clips, I am really looking forward to seeing this Eric and Sookie scene in full. I’m almost dying to find out exactly what transpires after Sookie says she’s willing to take her chances without Eric’s protection, though I’d like to tell her that her chances with Eric are pretty, pretty good.

So say we all.

Queen Bill Does NOT Approve

June 22, 2011 in Bill, Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood, video

Poor Jessica. She’s been feeding on humans who aren’t Hoyt…and when she confides her shame to Bill, she’s met with that face up there.


Words fail me.

Bill puts on his best sanctimonious, judgey father voice to inform his wayward progeny that she’d better not have committed this heinous act in view of a camera or “not even he can save her”.

Not even you, eh Bill? I guess autonomous decision making may pose a problem for Puppet Queens Kings.

On another note, Bill’s belaboring of this particular point makes me fear for Jessica. I fear for her very much. You just know one of those FOTS kids out the front of Fantasia caught this with their phone cameras…unbeknown to her.

Moving on.

Eric is in Sookie’s house again, expanding on his “sunshine in a pretty blond bottle” speech – and of course Sookie is giving him lip and presuming this is a threat. But then Eric says something surprising (well, to Sookie. Not to us).

Check it out below – the interesting stuff comes in at 0:42

I See You a Creepin…

June 22, 2011 in Promo Video, Sookie & Eric, True Blood, video

It must be the week before the season premiere…we can barely keep on top of these spoilers!

Here’s another new promo. Most of it is stuff we’ve already seen, but there’s a new snippet of interest – Sookie sleeping in her bed as Eric watches her from the doorway of her room.


*Updated with another promo, in which it looks like Claudine goes poof. Egads! What is going on here?

Oh and more new lines from Eric’s PSA. Purrrr.

*Updated yet again!

In which we see Queen SophieAnn surrounded by Spaceballs with lasers. Frak!

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