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New to Sookieverse? Catch up with our most popular posts.

Sookie Stackhouse Book Series

Loved by A Vampire – The Initiation
Loved by A Vampire – The Act
Loved by A Vampire – The Afterglow

A series of three posts examining Bill and Eric’s sexual behaviour towards Sookie. Based on dialogue from the novels and Harris’ construction of both character’s respective sex scenes (written after Dead and Gone – stay tuned for an update).

Mr High-Handed and the Fairy Prince – Pt I
Mr High-Handed and the Fairy Prince – Pt II

What is the nature of the relationship between Eric Northman and Niall Brigant? Does this relationship cast Eric in a deceptive light, and can we find evidence in earlier books to support the background of this relationship as it was laid out in Dead Reckoning? Time to hit the books and find out.

Sookie’s Dead Reckoning
Our advance review of Dead Reckoning – virginal and uncontaminated by the fandom meltdown that followed its release in May 2011.

Texas Take ‘Em – A Lesson in Vampire Politics
Mordor She Wrote

Serena’s two part post speculating on the implications of Eric’s political lesson in Dead in the Family for Sookie, her relationship with Eric, and his possible future as King of Louisiana.

Eric and Quinn – A is for Alpha (Pt 1)
Eric and Quinn – A is for Alpha (Pt 2)

A two part post examining Quinn as Eric’s main rival for Sookie, and how the personal and political undercurrents between Quinn and Eric might play out later in the series (written pre DITF).

Sookie, Eric and the Color Red – Symbolism in Sookieverse

An analysis of Eric’s fascination for the color red, and his fondness for gifting red items to Sookie.

Why Sam Is Not The Man

Sam and Sookie are never going to happen. And I’m going to prove it to you.

The Leader of the Pack – The Case for Alcide

A pre-Dead in the Family argument for Alcide as Sookie’s second choice.

Dead in the Family – A Tome

Probably the most obsessive review of DITF you’ve ever read.

Book Wars

A ranty introduction to my feelings on the books vs show issue. Written during TB Season 2 hiatus.


True Blood

MASpencer’s True Blood Recaps

Looking to brush up on Season 3 and 4? MAS recaps every episode with her sharp eye and trademark snark. Part recap, part prediction, part speculation…and always hilarious.

Just Sayin’ – The Rattray Beating

Ever get the feeling that this show is trying to tell you something, but you just can’t put your finger on it? Read this, and “True Blood – A Love Story” for a quick demo on how the writers use minor characters and plotlines to illuminate the story arc of the main characters.

True Blood – A Love Story

So you know by now that True Blood is anything but a romantic love story, right? Franklin Mott and Bill have alot in common – and the fact that they dated best friends Sookie and Tara is the very least of it. What does Franklin and Tara’s story tell us about Bill and Sookie? Quite alot, as it happens. Be sure to duck from the foreshadowing bat.

Just Sayin’ – What Did Bill Know?

What does Bill know about Sookie’s magic blood? And more importantly….when did he know it?

Just Sayin’ – What Did Eric Know?

Sam and Eric make a deal – how did Eric find out about Bill getting his blood into Sookie “on the night they met”? [written pre-season 3]

Meet Your Maker

A tale of two families – Bill’s and Eric’s. What do their “family” relationships tell us about their characters? [written pre-season 3]


10 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Bobsgran says:

    Fabulous addition SVB. All the best posts easy to find, especially for those of us (me) that are tech challenged. Easy to review favourites and reminders of some forgotten items. Love it. Thanks.


  2. LovetheViking says:

    Thank you for putting these here SVB. They are a great reference and there are quite a few I haven’t read from before I joined the blog.


  3. rainqueen13 says:

    Thank you so much. Nice selection of topics and very conveniently accessible. Y’all really post some excellent stuff here.


  4. jayetea says:

    Thank you, SVB!! It is wonderful to have these so easily accessible and organized like this!


  5. Margaux says:

    Thank you SVB! I love catching up on all the posts. Expect some random comments as I catch up and thank you for adding the new tab.


  6. alexNr1Fan says:

    I love your blog i follow you from wherever i am since i have saved you as favourite in my blackberry, i’m team eric all the way, i come from spain and have read all ten books(btw in english) and i’m looking forward to the 11th-dead reckoning!
    Love you all,i read you everyday,thank you, you make my days happier!


  7. WildSeed says:

    I am so grateful for these outlines. I’m sure everyone will find this helpful as we prepare for TB season 4 as well as book 11 and the companion book. Before we know it we will be overwhelmed with new material to mentally digest. It’s a great time to study. Oftentimes I miss out on a previous discussion thread only to review the recent one, you ladies and gents have spread out much wisdom and vexation. I have gained much insight as well as realised my thoughts reflected in many posts here. “Here” is is good place to be.


  8. . says:

    Congratulations: your blog is awesome!


  9. Duckbutt says:

    Blog is the best –I may have missed something –but will there be recaps of Season 5? Usually it’s on the “Home” page. Are they anywhere else and I’m just stupid? :-)
    Thanks! Pat


    • krtmd says:

      No, Pat, you haven’t missed anything. The blog no longer reports on True Blood, and the fabulous MASpencer has retired from the recap business. There are still discussion threads about TB in the forum, if you’re so inclined.


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